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  1. drcannabi

    Drcannabi's BudMaster GOD - Organic Soil - Venom OG - Autopots

    Hello Friends and Neighbors! Welcome to my 6th journal. This one will be featuring the newest BudMaster GOD technology. This is a sponsored journal so please be mindful of that when commenting. We all usually are anyways but a friendly reminder never hurts. :Namaste: I encourage all questions...
  2. drcannabi

    Drcannabi's - White Russian - Recycled Organic Soil - LED - Teas & Foliar

    Hi friends and neighbors. This is going to be a Serious Seeds White Russian grow journal. As always, I'm constantly trying to find the easiest methods with the least work and best results possible. By results I mean quality of the medicine. Please join in and ask any questions you'd like...
  3. drcannabi

    Drcannabi's KIS Organics Recycled Soil - HSO Loast Coast OG - LED Grow

    This will be an LED all organic grow using the KIS organics Nutrient Pack and recycled soil. I'll be updating once a week until the final smoke report. Please join in the fun. I am by no means an expert and everything I do has been tailored for the least amount of effort possible. Once in the...
  4. drcannabi

    Dr. Cannabi's Kali Mist - DIY Organic Soil - Medical Grow & Show

    Welcome All to Dr Cannabis' Kali Mist Grow Journal! 100% organic and recyclable (that means it's good for the environment). Well all except the tent, metal, plastic and other non organic matter - :Namaste: - No PH meters, no expensive fertilizers, and no pesticides! My old friend has become...
  5. drcannabi

    Super Lemon Haze - Organic Soil - Stealth Cabinet Grow

    I'm just getting back on line after my computer died. This is my third grow journal and my 6th grow. I've learned a lot and have a lot more to learn. The style in which I grow has now successfully brought me through the end of two trouble free grows of A++ Medicine. Super simple and easy once I...
  6. drcannabi

    Sensi Seeds - Shiva Skunk

    Strain Name — Shiva Skunk — Sensi Seeds Grow Style - Organic soil and ferts, LED Lights, Stealth closet Amount Smoked 1/4 joint (.25 grams) - Mrs. Drcannabi and I shared 1/2 joint (This is what's left from yesterday) Price - $118 USD - 10/seeds (shipped to US) Type —...
  7. drcannabi

    Dr. Cannabi's - White Fire - Organic Soil - LED - Stealth Grow

    Hi All, it got a little confusing mixing my last grow up with this one so I decided to start this over. Check out the results of the Sensi Seeds Shiva Skunk (Link in my signature). I highly recommend that stain to everyone. Low odor, Super easy to grow, awesome yield, and some of the best smoke...
  8. drcannabi

    Organic Soil - White Fire - CLW LED - Grow Journal - 2014

    Hello, This is a medicinal marijuana grow journal. This is my first grow journal and 4th grow so I have much to learn. I am following the moderator's template. If I can add anything helpful please let me know. My hope is that with your help I'll be able to become self sufficient and control...
  9. drcannabi


    Hi all, I have been using medicinal marijuana for 2 years now. A broken back and 4 surgeries has left me in a great deal of pain. I was hooked on Oxycontin for the better part of 3 years and nearly died of an accidental overdose when I was prescribed sleeping pills, Valium, and...
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