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  1. oh666god

    DIY Grow Cabinet & LED

    Just wanted to create a thread for my DIY LED and grow cabinet in case someone wanted to replicate the setup or wanted some sort of inspiration. I never thought of growing marijuana until legalization. I figured it would be pretty cool to not have to buy marijuana anymore and to have high...
  2. oh666god

    COBs burned out

    So I got a few Cree 3070s and an HLG-185H-C1400B driver, I went to test out my cobs and 2 of them popped. I have no idea why. I tested them individually, and as far as I understand, voltage doesn't matter as long as its Vf or exceeds Vf... no idea why. It's a constant 1400mA output. Just wasted...
  3. oh666god

    1.6' x2.5' grow space: Need lighting tips!

    I am currently working on a discreet grow build. I am using a wardrobe and have 1.6'x2.5' of grow space. I looked into DIY LED lighting (loved the idea) and got myself; - x1 185H-C1400B driver + 100k pot - x4 CXB3070 CREE 3000K 80CRI (I know, i should have gotten the 90 CRI - next build!) COB -...
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