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  1. GrizzWald

    Is a pound plus possible?

    Hey all, love the atmosphere here.. everybody seems super friendly.. it's a real joy being able to ask questions about this awesome plant that's shaping the world into a super tie-dye psychedelic rainbow of super happiness.. Another thing that's impressive, the super excited folks...
  2. GrizzWald


    Heard Nevil passed away.. I'm so shattered.. nobody done more (for me and you or you and I) . The only king of cannabis.
  3. GrizzWald

    Blue light

    Anyone finish their plants under blue light for the last week? I run cobs 3500k along with red/blue small led panels in corners.. turn off Red last week before harvest.. I'm going to run only blue (no cobs) for the last week next harvest...
  4. GrizzWald

    Posting photos

    are we able to post old photos from our galley and how? Thanks....
  5. GrizzWald

    Reliable CBD test for home use

    Just come across this on another forum.. not sure if it works but be good for some if it does.. By thecleangame DIY 8 Minute Home CBD Indicator Test! (Clear and Accurate Results!) thecleangame (58) in cbd - 3 days ago Simple, Reliable, and Quick! This test uses materials you can usually...
  6. GrizzWald

    Trouble uploading photos

    Sorry if in wrong spot, mod please move if so.. Uploading photos on iPhone.. goes from the initial upload process to a blank screen..
  7. GrizzWald

    MNS - My New Spot

    Hi all.. my names Grizzwald.... and I'm a stoner.... G13skunk, nevilles skunk, master kaze, critical Skunk, medicine man, La Niña, Shark Shock, mango widow...and lots more
  8. GrizzWald

    Regular indica autos

    im looking for the most pure indica auto in a regular seed, all suggestions are appreciated, thanks :48:
  9. GrizzWald


    Can't find any info, Id think somebody would have tried.. dusting roots with ga3 (along with Mycorrhizae... ithink worth an experiment.. I'll give this a go with next seedlings I get going.. love some info if there is any out there..
  10. GrizzWald

    Leonard Cohen

    Opened my mind up to see. Thankyou. Rest in peace... Leonard Cohen - Suzanne - YouTube Leonard Cohen: The Stranger Song - YouTube Teachers- Leonard Cohen - YouTube Sisters of Mercy - Leonard Cohen - YouTube Avalanche by Leonard Cohen - YouTube
  11. GrizzWald

    Recess Is Over - Now To Muck Up The Lesson

    If a dove is the "bird of peace" then what's the bird of "true love"? The swallow. I was going to start with the most offensive joke I know, just to let you know the content before it's written:19: but I'd like somebody to sub not offend you all before it starts :19: Miss talking crap to you...
  12. GrizzWald

    Thank you David Bowie - R.I.P.

    R.I.P David Bowie, legend.... Thank you.....
  13. GrizzWald

    GrizzWalds - Aussie Indoor/Outdoor - Choose Your Own Adventure

    G'day all, about time I did a little journal.. I grow for personal use, self medicate for undiagnosed a.d.d. Or I like to be a lazy dude or doing things in my own time. Ok I'm a stoner, working one, but I just love smoking this shit. Some don't like stoners here, think we give the plant a bad...
  14. GrizzWald

    Which Breeders Are You Using?

    Which breeders do you use for which strains? Which breeders Beans are consistently germinating?where do you go for your indica? Your sativa? Does mr nice still have the best widow? Are heavyweights less likely to hermie? What ever you can add for the reason your growing the beans you are.I'm...
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