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  1. Latitude17

    Potassium deficiency or nute burn?

    PH has been 5.8-6.2, res temp on chiller at 68' PPM dropped from 715 to 151 in the last 24hrs (wtf?) Here's 3 days ago: And today [emoji24] Before I flush and start over, I'd love some knowledgeable growers to chime in and educate me. :namaste:
  2. Latitude17

    New Ad Format

    Don't give me wrong, I understand you guys need to make money - but don't you think having ads that take up three quarters of the screen on the mobile app is a bit much?
  3. Latitude17

    General consensus on when Week 1 actually starts?

    In my quest for "doing it right" to know when to start my nutrient feeding properly, I am reading a lot of posts and this is fairly inconsistent. The best explanation I have found so far is: So basically when your sproutling looks like this? Or wait until the cotelydons have fallen...
  4. Latitude17

    Quick health check on sproutling

    This is an auto lemon in a Rapid Rooter sitting in a 3" Hydroton filled mesh cup. System is DWC 5gal bucket, single bubbler, still on ph'd water (5.7) as its still under 2 weeks old (no nutes yet). Small circulatory fan running that keeps a gentle breeze over the plant. Humidity is in the...
  5. Latitude17

    Nothing quite like the feeling

    ...Of being a total n00b and snapping off the taproot. Sent from my iPhone using 420 Magazine Mobile App
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