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    Just wanted an option on how close my plant is... Keep in mind it's a bag seed and I'm at about 12 - 14 weeks flower.. think it's lemon haze , lights are cfl and a disconnected areogaden light...
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    I have 1 lady growing in an areogarden, she is about 12- 16 ish tall, my question is can I transplant her into coconut coir into an ebb and flow system without damaging her ? I have a couple clones started but not ready to come out the humidity done yet.. the plan is for all to go into the ebb...
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    I started a plant in a areogarden, it's about 8 to 12 inches tall, can I transplant it into coconut coir in my ebb and flow ? Will it be ok ? And is it big enough for me to take clones from it ??? any help would be appreciated, thanks
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    Just me

    Used most of my life , stopped and tried pills for 10 years now with not much relief but with a little MJ added magnificent results, arthritis especially, now attempting to grow.. help would be appreciated...
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