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  1. ultrasonic

    Water Curing Marijuana

    Glad to see this old thread up and running :) I've personally learned alot, and I can only thank the rest of the community for sharing their information and experiences. :bravo: :thanks: May this thread live forever :P
  2. ultrasonic

    Ultrasonic Part III: Return of the SCROG

    Hey all! Just wanted to keep you updated with whats what! Tomorrow will be "day 1" of veg under the 1000w. They've been growing nice long roots in my aero cloner, and have recently exploded into a state of growth. I shouldn't have to veg much longer since they've already had about 2 weeks...
  3. ultrasonic

    Ultrasonic Part III: Return of the SCROG

    Well one month later... Gamma Radiation. Oh Yeah. These stretchy little buggers popped so fast I didn't have a chance to move the light closer! Oh i'll fix them. Some delicious Blue Cheese and yummy Trainwreck. Can't wait to try these strains out for the first time! White Widow...
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  11. ultrasonic

    Ultrasonic's 8-Strain DWC Spectacular

    Right on man thanks alot :) You should check out my signature for the link to my NEWEST grow Ultrasonic's Part III: Return of the ScrOG I lst'd those whores like mad... hydro plants that are grown quicker are definitely easier to lst: the soil mum I have going right now is a solid one...
  12. ultrasonic

    HealingKronic's Pure Kush 1000 Watt Grow

    I've read about how this strain is delt with in the UK. Kush's are viewed as a particular strain of marijuana that, because of it's consistant strength and potency, can produce a more narcotic high, and therfore should be treated as a narcotic just like heroin and cocaine. This include people to...
  13. ultrasonic

    Water Curing Marijuana

    yep yep thats the way people have been doing it.
  14. ultrasonic

    Ultrasonic Part III: Return of the SCROG

    great advice! But yes I agree, it won't affect root growth much: however it alleviates the issue of having a rotting stem from a re-buried stalk. An issue I've had with soil grown plants in the past is having the soil around the stalk get eroded away with each watering: this is really to help...
  15. ultrasonic

    Ultrasonic Part III: Return of the SCROG

    Choo Choo ChughaChughaChugha Choo Choo! Moving right along! 2 weeks and a couple days until NEW GROW SPACE :) Come on mum get growin!
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  17. ultrasonic

    Horse's Crawlspace Grow

    good stuff man- really enjoying the journal. Subscribed!
  18. ultrasonic

    Ultrasonic Part III: Return of the SCROG

    In reference to the above post, I gave the soil a pretty good flush with 12L of water. I think the seedling is growing a little slow, and is pretty dark green... both signs of high nutrient concentration. No signs of burning: however I know WW is a resilient strain, and will slow it growth...
  19. ultrasonic

    Ultrasonic Part III: Return of the SCROG

    Thanks ;) Interesting info: I have considered the "hotness" of the soil myself. I tried to remedy this by adding a good amount of perlite and vermiculite. Originally, I planned start in a jiffy cube: I'm sure this would have helped. It's a good thing I chose the WW to start: she's a hardy...
  20. ultrasonic

    Ultrasonic Part III: Return of the SCROG

    I can confirm that the WW seed is good! I did a gentle dig into the soil -- she's sprouting with vigor! I'm going to be starting 1-2 more strains (prolly the trainwreck and blue cheese) on September 1. This way I'll be able to take clones, and then graft them onto the WW. Can't wait to smoke...
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