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    Help & suggestions with selecting seeds!

    There should be a few people on here who have looked into cancer strains. @Grandpa Tokin or @SweetSue might be able to help.
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    Help & suggestions with selecting seeds!

    What type of condition were you wanting to treat or what effects were you after?
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    Legendary strains

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    Best freebie seed

    I got some Blueberry seeds as freebies from Seedsman and dang do I like me some Blueberry.
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    Bud density

    Buds usually fatten up in the last 2-3 weeks. They add like 25% or something of their weight in the last few weeks. With that being said, it can be the strain that gives airy buds, or it could be a grow issue. I just harvested a Blueberry I've grown before that had smaller buds and all up was...
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    Saying hello

    Welcome. This is a great place to learn. You grow landscape flowers? Check out the Dark Devil Auto thread and grow a landscape of those beauties.
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    Which is more important?

    Since I got some of those Boveda packs I haven't had a problem with mold. Lost 2 or 3 batches before the Boveda, haven't lost any since then. They've been a life saver. Or weed saver. I only got 10 Boveda packs which has been fine so far cause the weed never lasted very long, but I might hit...
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    Which is more important?

    Temp means if it dries a little faster or slower. Too high RH can mean mold. After losing several curing batches to mold RH is the main thing you wanna keep an eye on.
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    Burping your jars?

    Don't you have to burp regularly for the first 2 odd weeks? I throw a boveda pack in each jar as soon as it goes in, and burping is usually an excuse to sneak a nug or two if I've been running low. I use glass Maccona coffee jars from Australia for storage. I drink too much coffee so had...
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    Good genetics Down Under

    I'm in Australia and went with Seedsman. Multiple orders arrived safely. Ask for the stealth package and don't ask for original breeder packs.
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    Lightworker's Indoor Perpetual Grow

    Blueberry and CBD-Hash plant at almost 9 weeks. Will be harvesting the BB in a day or two. I think there was a few days of high heat which stunted their growth a little cause they haven't gotten as big as they have before, but the BB is frosty as usual. Below is the other BB clone and BBxC99...
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    Too late to transplant?

    Couldn't you just roll the fabric pot down and just pick up the soil and rootball? Instead of turning it half upside-down and tapping on the sides and bottom and trying to slide it out like you do with plastic pots. I've never used fabric pots so not sure how fabric pots work. Also, what's the...
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    Those plants look rather tiny and lanky for being 2 weeks old. All the info Nunya asked for would be useful. The light looks a little too high. My lights for veg are usually only 2-3 inches above the plants, or a bit more if I get lazy or don't wanna risk burning the tops.
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    Is this a problem? Seed pod is not breaking up

    I didn't know about this. You're supposed to put the seed in the ground with the taproot pointing up? Woops. I've always pointed it down. Learn something new everyday.
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    Highest CBD % seeds

    @SeedsMan shows their Candida seeds to be 10-20% CBD and 0.3-0.9% THC, and you can buy 1, 3, 5, or 10 seeds at a time, and they have a Halloween sale coming up.
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    Highest CBD % seeds

    Not sure of the percentages but Charlotte's Web is high on CBD and almost no THC. What were you needing it for if you don't mind somebody asking?
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    Vape vs bong

    I've got a vaporized and should use it more often, but I'm used to my bucket made of two empty plastic bottles worth a few cents or dollars. I don't get a lot of vapor from dried flower, though I get some. Barely any vapor from the first hit but more after the second. A note on grinding up your...
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    4 plants max?

    It's good that some places are legalizing cannabis, which is a step in the right direction, but when you need to ask permission to grow a plant medicine, pay a grow fee, be told how many plants you can grow for personal use, and possibly leave yourself open to random law enforcement visits to...
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    Wash buds or not

    Wash yer buds, especially outdoor buds. I wet trim then wash, so it also helps to clean off any leaf matter.
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    Sativa Bubble Hash

    I'll take a seat and watch this show. I got some bags and been meaning to try making some hash at some point myself. It'd be nice to watch someone else do it first so I can follow along.
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