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    How to adjust my Coco A + B ratio?

    Need some help guys n gals, Running Nutrifield Coco A + B range 70/30 perlite. I always seem to end up with a little clawing /nitrogen toxicity toward flower the schedule is equal parts a+b all the way through , Can i adjust this ratio myself and put a little less of the B (Nitrogen based) or...
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    PPPM/EC too high in medium help

    Hey growers, 70/30 coco perlite mix feeding synthetic coco a+b nutrients. My ec meter broke on me so i hadn't tested runoff for a good few weeks. I guess i wasn't getting enough waste because i got a new ec meter and my ppm in runoff was 2000 with 800 going in. ph was 5.3 with 5.8 going in. I'm...
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    When to 12/12 switch?

    Any thoughts on when to flip these 2 girls to fill this space?Usually use 8-12 to fill the same space im thinking another week or two veg but pretty unsure0
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    How to alter the base pH of my medium?

    Hey guys, so i water daily to runoff just started twice per day , if it goes in at 5.8 it comes out at 6.5-6.6 which tells me the coco may be buffering it to this which is no good and could be the reasoning behind a few deficiencies i'm seeing.
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    Tips for cloning?

    Finally found a strain i want to stick with. usually grow from seed however just took a bunch of cuttings using pete pots as the medium with some clonex, i don't have a cfl here the weakest light i have is a 140w cree cob led which i can run 1/2 of so 70w you think this will be too much for...
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    Possible mag deficiency?

    Nutrifield 70/30 coco perlite pre conditioned, 150-200ppm cmx 550-650ppm Nutrifield coco A+B and the additives that don't effect ec. Noticed what i think may be mag issues most the way through this run? My girl is day 50 today Critical Kush just wondering if anyone has grown this strain or knows...
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    Am I due a new pH meter?

    Hey growers, so i've been having some ph issues lately my plants started off very healthy for the first 3 weeks as usual i was phing to 5.8 growing in coco coir with synthetic nutrients. One of my critical kush started showing mag deficiency so i just upped the doseage thinking she was a bit...
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    Mag deficiency & questions

    So i just read the back of my nutrifield coco/perlite blend and it sais it's pre conditioned with calamg +ph balanced. my last grow i added calmag once a week however speaking to other coco growers they are supplementing each feeding. new grow new strain and i'm definitely having some magnesium...
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    Mag/pH issues

    Hey guys on my 2nd grow here. So my girls are on day 30 from sprout, here is a pic of day 19 they were healthy here however now i have a noticeable mag deficiency and a little N, i have been phing to 5.8 so i figiured new strain is just a heavier calmag feeder so i increased calmag by 50ppm per...
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    Leaf surface temperature important?

    Hey guys, so i've recently upgraded have the luxury of climate control ect now , just wondering what your suggestions are as to an optimal leaf surface temperature under 315CMH as i know the optimum changes as the spectrum does. cheers
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    Potential yield?

    Hey guys, just after some input on what you think a reasonable max yield to expect with my equipment/space or what you have personally achieved in the same size spaces, I have 1x 4x8x7 tent with 1x600w hps 1x 315w cmh 1x 2000w led (450w draw each) 8" exhaust + carbon filter.4x room fans...
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    2x315W CFL in a 4x4?

    currently using one in there just wondering if anyone is using 2 or a 630w in a 4x4 thinking of putting my other one in there.
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    When to harvest/flush?

    Fellow growers..any ideas/tips on choosing a harvest time without checking trichs as i have tool too at the moment and by the time i get one i fear i may have missed my window to flush. still very green at moment though no fade but havn't cut nutes yet i am first time grower not sure if this...
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    How much power can I get away with without ringing any alarm bells?

    Hey guys, i've got 1x 4x4 tent setup with a 4pot hydro system 6" exhaust , in the 4x8 i have a 8" exhaust 3x 2000w king+led's (420w wall draw each) all up im going to be using about 2kw per hour when lights are on maybe .8-1kwph in the 12 hours the lights are off , It is not legal to grow or...
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    How to feed hydro?

    hey guys, just made my first hydro bucket(bubbleponnics) usually grow in coco going to put a 2 week old seed into rock wool then into the net pot just wondering if anyone has a journal or guide on how to start your ppm's ect for noobs cheers more info the better
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    I think I have a lockout issue?

    Hey guys, week 7 of flower for my gdp's last week or two got really busy and stopped watering to runoff ,being in the scrog and having a bad setup makes it hard to water to runoff in general but for most of the grow i was, i decided to stop being lazy start it again my ppm was like 2800+ so i...
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    Can I exhaust 2 tents with 1 fan?

    currently have a 4x8 tent with 125m , have another 4x4 tent on the way but i also have a 200m/8" fan i was wondering if i could use it to exhaust both tents at the same time with a joiner of some sort?
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    Extremely high ec/ppm in runoff

    so i got a little lazy/busy lately and havn't been watering to runoff as i have to move evrything around empty trays ect not an efficient setup for dtw. i decided to run 10% runoff and test and i was upwards of 2500 ppm . should i flush or just rush water with no nutes for afew days?
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    CMH or LED?

    Hey guys , updating my grow going a bit bigger for this next run i have currently 1 200w(400 true watt) blurple led and 1 600w hps. the hps gets a little hot for my liking as i don't have ac at the moment just intake outake so i was thinking of going all led's however i stumbled across CMH...
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    When to first give seedlings nutrients?

    Hey guys i've always grown from cuttings but i've imported some fresh genetics sprouts have 4 leaves with the next set just start to poke through just wondering how early you start the feeding i am growing in coco coir if that makes a differnece , , obviously light nutes to begin.
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