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  1. Shleprock

    Is my cure ruined? Let dry too long

    I let my buds dry too long and got crispy. About 3 days earlier they were on wet side (squishy) so I decided to wait because I was afraid of mold, I probably should waited 1 day. So now I put them in a big ziplock and the RH reads at 50. I’m afraid I lost my window to achieve a cure now. Do I...
  2. Shleprock

    Deficiencies or heat stress?

    Growing Acdc strain high CBD indoors with a 900w viparspectra with fabric pots in 420 recipe soil, fox farm nutrients and cal mag ( going easy on the dosage) ph 6-6.5 with RO water. Had a few days of heat increases up 85-90, 4x4 tent in garage. Humidity drop to 40% rh also. I’m having a hard...
  3. Shleprock

    Both veg and bloom switches on during veg?

    I’m new to indoor growing and had a question about an led light I just purchased (viparspectra 900w) Would it be beneficial to grow with both veg and bloom switches on during veg or would it be a waste of electricity?
  4. Shleprock

    Amber trichomes, ACDC strain, how long?

    I’m currently growing a high CBD strain called ACDC due to the fact that I can’t handle high THC strains without getting paranoid like I used to. The plants just started to show amber trichomes. The question is, what percentage of amber is ideal for therapeutic / medicinal values. This is my...
  5. Shleprock

    Hello from California Central Coast

    Noob here trying to figure out the sex of my Blueberry cookies plant. These 2 pictures are from the same plant 1 looks female the other male (to me, what do I know) could it be both? New to the 420 forum, hope I didnt post this in the wrong area, this is my first post.
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