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  1. ChiBlu

    Afghani Cream

    Holy fuck boys! Here a treat. Afghani cream hash. Crumble hash. Not gummy. Not rock hard. The taste is unbelievable, like an aged black tea almost. Very potent.
  2. ChiBlu

    Stash jars

    I found some neat stash jars. Let's see your jars!
  3. ChiBlu

    The outdoor grow

    Here's my outdoor crop. Blueberry kush and Nicole kush. The blueberry was a bag seed of unknown lineage but it loves this climate.
  4. ChiBlu

    The outdoor crop

    Hey all. I'm doing my first outdoor grow. Got 3 plants. 1 blueberry kush of unknown origin and 2 Nicole Kush. The blueberry got too big for its pot so I replanted last week. This week it's been crazy hot and humid and I think she may have got burned a little. However the Nicole Kush is...
  5. ChiBlu

    Nicole Kush, all done

    This is my first harvest And she's a keeper! Just a shade over 2 oz.
  6. ChiBlu

    First grow end results

    Hey All! So this is the Nicole kush, all finished up. Nice tight nugs. Very frosty. It's going to be a great summer!
  7. ChiBlu

    When should I flush?

    Hey all. I'm in week 6 of flowering and wondering when I should flush? Trichomes are milky. I'm waiting for full Amber tho. Another week Maybe? So when should I flush? Going to use filtered water and molasses.
  8. ChiBlu

    Next indoor grow?

    Hey all. As my first grow is in its final weeks and is looking nice. I was thinking about my next indoor plant. Id like to do something really pretty. What are some of your favorite flowers based on looks alone?
  9. ChiBlu


    Nicole kush @ 5 weeks
  10. ChiBlu

    Nicole Kush: The First Grow

    Hi all. I started this grow March 1 2019. Nicole kush from DNA genetics Tent: 2.2Ft×5.5Ft classic 90 Light: Mars hydro 100 COB Germination: seed soak (6 hrs) into peat pellets. Table greenhouse and heating mat. Soil: FFOF Pot: 5 gallon airpot Nutrients: medi one 4-3-3. Bud booster 0-50-30...
  11. ChiBlu

    First grow week 5

    Hey all. This is my first post and my first grow. Many mistakes along the way. Thought I'd show off some bud shots. Let me know what what you think. Nicole kush.
  12. ChiBlu

    Hi from Ontario!

    Hey all. Long time smoker/first time grower.
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