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    Blueberry Headband

    Hi and welcome to my journal. I just put 4 regular blueberry headband seeds in a cup of water. I recently harvested 1 of these plants and she is delicious with a strong blueberry flavor.
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    Serious Seeds' Kali Bubba

    Hi and welcome to my journal, I've got 4 regular Kali Bubba seedlings and 2 unknown seedlings growing under a 150 watt HPS fixture.
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    02/2018 Indoor Grow

    Hi guys, I'm growing a serious seed's serious kush plant and a spliff seed's spliff cheese auto. plant under a 100 watt metal halide grow light.
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    Critical Cheese Auto

    hi, I'm growing 2 critical cheese atuos by dinafem under a 2 ft. 4 tube t5ho grow light. the plants just turned 3 weeks old today and just threw pistils. 2 weeks old 3 weeks old
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    Serious Seeds Serious Kush

    Hi, I'm using a Spectrum King Closet Case LED Grow Light to grow two Serious Kush plants by Serious Seeds. They're one week old today.
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    LED Closet Case Grow

    hi guys and gals and :welcome: to my journal. I'm going to run 4 regular blackout kush (og kush x g13) plants under a led 100 watt grow light. this 100 watt led grow light is actually brighter than my 150 watt hps grow light and it emits nice full spectrum light like the sun. day 1:
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    Casey Jones #3

    I've got 2 casey jones (by head seeds) plants growing which are 1 week old today. I'm running 12/12 from seed.
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    Nutrient issue

    hey guys, what's going on here? this nutrient problem is holding some of our plants back. we are growing in rockwool. thanks.
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    Jamaica Seeds Blackout Kush #3

    hi guys and welcome to my journal. I've got one female blackout kush plant (g13 x og kush) under a 150 watt hps fixture. she revealed gender 6/15.
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    Gardening in 2015 with b

    hey guys I'm finally getting around to starting my garden. pull up a seat if you'd like :) artichoke seeds look like you know what seeds lol.
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    Casey Jones #2

    bagseed sprout date: 11/21 blackout kush sprout date: 11/23 and so it begins..
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    Serious 6 & More

    hi guys! I've got two serious 6 plants, two blackout kush plants, and one snow white plant in the ground. I'm hoping for a total of four females. the oldest serious 6 plant is 3 weeks old, the other is 2 weeks old. I have one blackout kush sprout and I'm waiting on the other blackout kush and...
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    Head Seeds Casey Jones & More

    hi guys. I've got two sprouts going, one casey jones seed and one bag seed. they broke earth yesterday, 3/4. 3/4 after their first 12 hour light cycle here is the fertilizer I'm working with :thanks:
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    NYPD & More

    Hi everyone! I'm currently germinating 2 regular nirvana new york power diesel seeds and a "bagseed" in hopes of catching two females. I have a few serious 6, snow white, casey jones, and blackout kush beans left, but I figured we should have some fun guessing the bagseed's genetics between...
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    Snow White & More

    hi there, hope all is well. ive germed and planted -1 regular feminized seed (diesel) -2 regular snow white seeds this time around I microwaved my soil before mixing it up in fear of fungus gnat larvae. after that I mixed a 4-4-4 plus cal, mag and biota in with my soil. the regular...
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    Serious Seeds Serious 6

    whatsup guys? hope all is well with everyone :thumb: im throwing down two feminized serious 6 seeds in a paper towel tonight and mixing up some super soil. i usually go straight into soil but i want to bake the soil (literally, tired of fungus gnat larvae) and mix a super soil. the super...
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    Jamaica Seeds Blackout Kush #2

    sup guys? i planted 3 beans in hopes of catching a female or two. running organic soil and organic nutes. heres #1 after one day of sun. #2 is also breaking through as you can see, 3 days after planting. no sign of seed #3 yet.
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    Jamaica Seeds Blackout Kush

    hi there. hows everyone doing? ive had some trouble with this plant becuase its in miracle gros micromax slow release fertilizer, so i have some micronute burn, but shes still producing like she should! shes doing much better now that i feed an npk food without any micronute claims :thumb...
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    Paradise Diesel #2

    whatsup guys? this is my last paradise diesel seed, and shes a week into flower today! she broke earth on 2/19, vegged her for a week, and then two weeks later showed me preflowers on 3/12. she is blooming a lot slower than my master kush. in one week of bloom, my master kush had flowers...
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    Bomb Seeds THC Bomb

    hey there, hope everyones well. i have a single feminized thc bomb, and im going to keep it under 18/6 for a week. im growing in soil composed of mostly peat moss, perlite and limestone. i also add some compost. "THC Bomb; our original signature strain, has created rave reviews around...
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