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    Anyone tried one of these lights?

    Was thinking bout using some of these for added light to my other regular LED grow lights. I'd prefer lower color temp for flower but I figure if I added a couple to the mix it might help and maybe use just these for veg. Anyone tried one and what were your results? Feit Electric 38-Watt/4000...
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    4 plants max?

    With 4 I can grow way more than enough for myself but it does piss me off a bit. Things like crossing/cloning/producing seed etc are really fucked when you have to commit a whole quarter of what coulda been crop to that. I've just not bothered cuz I don't need hassle..... Just curious what the...
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    White Widow

    Good evening all I just popped 4 crop kings white widow feminized seeds into rapid rooters. I've been waiting about a month to start these due to being away over the summer and am super stoked. I'm curious what everyone's experience was with this strain. I've had some hit and miss strains from...
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    With Canada's 4 plant limit what's the best approach staying within the new law?

    I've been tossing around ideas on the 4 plant limit for best yield, constant, supply, make seed, etc. The way the law is written its 4 period so keeping a mother plant doesn't make much sense because now u are down to 3. I'm thinking just planting auto's a few weeks apart might be the best...
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    Free seeds!

    So I just purchased 5 white widow fem seeds at the local head shop. I guess cc has a promo and I got 1 fem auto ww as well. We r not quite at the finish line on legalization yet so I still paid cash and stuffed them in my pocket asap. When I got home to my surprise I had s ten pack! Nice! I...
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    Did ya ever

    Did ya ever go in yer backyard and notice yer garden was stinking up the neighborhood even though you sealed everything up and built a kick ass huge carbon filter. Then investigated like crazy and still couldn't smell anything at the vent outlet? Well? Turns out its the neighbor! LOL
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    Best Crop King seeds right now - What should I try next?

    I'm looking at starting some new crop kings seeds soon. Just curious what people have been doing well on. Not every batch is as good as the previous I've noticed. So far I've done Haze extreme which was awesome. Super tough plant for my first try. PH was way out and it just kept growing. Took...
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    Clone into DWC bucket just gave up and died?

    Hey all I just started well sort of started a clone into my first attempt at DWC and within 2 hours it went from super happy to wilting over 90 degrees and sad. It not actually dead yet but it might be soon. I pulled it out and put it back in its cloning dome and we'll see. It was about 2...
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    GH PH drops gone bad?

    Hey all I figured I'd post this in the Hydro forum as u guys are monitoring PH a lot more than the soil folks. Anyhow I've had slightly less happy than normal ladies since starting a few new beans. I was pulling my hair out, mixing soil, coco, pro mix differently, messing with nute strength...
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    Crop King's Purple Kush Issues

    Hey all Has anyone grown the crop kings purple kush? I'm a bit mystified here and thinking that maybe I got a crap/old batch of seeds... I popped 5 in water for bout 18 hours then to paper towel. I only got three roots and I planted those. The other two are at 18 days in paper towel wet and...
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    DWC PPM chart

    I'm bout to start my first DWC. I'll be using GH trio. . Does the chart below look about right or can u link me to something better? I know I'll have to monitor and adjust depending on how the plant reacts but I'd like something pretty close to correct get me going. Thanks! Figure 2—DWC or...
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    Making femenized seed question

    I'm thinking of making some feminized seeds using the Colloidal silver method and clones. I'm just curious should I/does it matter if I use clones from the same plant for or from two different plants (same strain). Thanks!
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    New law says 30 gram max possession but you can grow up to 4 plants?

    Maybe I'm missing something in fine print somewhere but the new law per the goc Canada website says there will be a 30 gram possession limit but also that u can grow up to 4 plants. I don't know bout u guys but I'm pretty sure even if u screwed up bad u should get more than 30 gram from a 4...
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    Regular household LED bulbs or CFL for small veg area?

    I'm thinking of finally building a small veg area (up to 4 small plants). Has anyone had any luck with regular LED bulbs and if so what color temps? The other two possibilities I'm thinking of are CFL or maybe a t5 florescent fixture. Thanks!
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    Better than 1 gram per watt?

    Just harvested one of two haze extreme I crossed with a local guys odyssey and oh man its been a treat so far. The buds are rock hard and dense. They make a thud when I drop them on the cardboard. It smells like a sweet pine tree. One pic is the plant I've harvested the other is the one still...
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    What's your experience with Advanced nutrients overdrive?

    I was at the hydro shop yesterday looking for a flowering booster and the guy there heavily recommended Advanced nutrients overdrive. Said it had the best bang for the buck and he had lots of good feedback. I've just got two ladies right now. One in promix/organic compost and one in coco at 5.5...
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    Blackstrap Molasses question

    I'm looking into using Blackstrap Molasses but can't seem to find any in Canada that say unsulphered. One I can get my hands on is Crosby's Blackstrap Molasses. On their website it says there is no added sulphates or sulphites. I really don't want to find out the hard way and kill my plant. Has...
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    What's the PPM of your tap water?

    Just curious what the PPM of people's tap water is out there? Is there an ideal number? How high is too high to use without doing your own treatment My meter always reads under 5. I thought it was fubar but I checked the city report and they show it always under 30ppm and often under 10 which...
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    Seeds started in coco growing slower than Pro Mix?

    Hi all I just started 5 seeds all the same in solo cups. All five popped a week ago and the 3 in coco are growing noticeably slower right out of the gate. I'm watering every 2-3 days as needed. Should I be watering the coco more? Maybe add a little nutes even though its early? Thanks!
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    Crop Kings Haze Extreme review

    Hey all Just finished growing a Haze extreme. Its a reg seed and I only popped one and got a female so lucky me. I eventually potted up over 4 months (2 months veg) to a 5 gallon pot. I'd say it needed a 7 gallon for max yield as it was pretty root bound at the end. It was a super resilient...
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