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    Help with first time deficiency

    Hi all Could anyone look at these leaves and tell me whats going on. I tried many different things but nothing has worked. This only showed up a bout a week ago, 3rd week into flower.... Thanks!
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    Cannot upload photos

    Hi when trying to upload photos, I always get... Server (IO) Error. It doesn't matter if I am using my phone, tablet or notebook. d12wwfc99m_side.jpg Server (IO) Error d12wwfc99m_top.jpg Server (IO) Error d33c99fwwm_side.jpg Server (IO) Error d33c99fwwm_top.jpg Server (IO) Error...
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    Old School WW X C99 - 1st Generation - Both Ways

    A few years back I got few ww x c99 seeds from Femaleseeds.nl and really liked it. Because it was my first time grow of that strain I didn't take any clones from her. After harvesting those two plants I tried to get some information on the strain, but was always given rather vague information...
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    Greetings From That Other Woodstock In VT

    Hi Everyone Happy Christmas to all! So I have joined this forum to keep a small grow journal to demonstrate to some friends that you don't need a sophisticated setup to grow some, one of a kind, killer bud, super cheap. I guess I am going to call it "My Cardboard Box Out Of The Cumberland...
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