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  1. icecreamman

    First Grow - How's It Looking

    Hello 420, My first grow. 11 days into flower. Whay do you guys think. Everything look ok. Thanks for looking
  2. icecreamman

    Icecreamman's First Attempt At Making Icecream

    Good Day All, My first attempt at growing and loving it. Today I will be flipping to 12-12. I have been reading this site since May when I planted 4 ice cream seeds. I ran into a few problems, but always found the answers here. So I have decided to journal the next phase and show you...
  3. icecreamman

    Everyone Loves Icecream

    Good Day All, Been lurking the site for a couple of months now. Thought I should finally say hi to all. It is amazing the wealth of knowledge on here. I popped 4 seeds of ICE CREAM in the dirt on May 13. Im now ready to flip. Just wanted to thank you guys for all the help you have given me so...
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