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  1. Mosspb

    Vancouver, eh!

    Hey all my friendly Canadian Growers! Looking for some peers in my area. It would be great to find someone to share ideas with, among other things. Hit me up!
  2. Mosspb

    Any Vancouver Canada Members?

    Looking for a few members in this area. It's always nice to have a few local friends to chat with etc.
  3. Mosspb

    Lift & Co

    I live in the Vancouver Canada area, and there is a cannabis exhibition and convention this week! If you google Lift & Co Vancouver you can find everything you need. I'm wondering if anyone else is planning on heading down? Moss.
  4. Mosspb

    4x4, First DWC, Bubbleponics, Charlotte's Web Clones

    Light: 1000w MH/HPS (First time growing with this, and a bit nervous about the heat, and power bill lol) Ballast: Adjustable from 600w-1000w MH and HPS Shade: Cooling tube Tent: 4x4 pop up Filter: 6' Carbon Filter Water Pump: Aquatop NP-80 Aquarium Submersible Pump Air Pump: 4 outlet pump (I...
  5. Mosspb

    CBD Strain for Cancer

    Hello all, I just got off the phone with my Mother (who is 59) and it seems like she’s developed lung cancer. Ironically she hasn’t smoked a day in her life, but grew up in a smoke filled house. I’m wanting to get some CBD seeds in the ground ASAP, and I’m looking for advice on a strain that...
  6. Mosspb


    Hey guys, So I saw this product on "the man, the myth, the legend" (and fellow Canadian) @Pigeons420 's video blog. (Which is awesome btw, seems like a cool guy to rip and talk cannabis with) and I'm wondering if anyone has given it a try? The pots aren't cheap but I'd love to give one a...
  7. Mosspb


    Hello all, I was working at a very sizeable operation this week, and was given about 3 pounds of wet clippings. The clippings are from and automated trimmer, and at the consistency of lawn mower clippings. These clippings are all from sugar leaves or directly from the bud itself so they're...
  8. Mosspb

    Northern Lights Auto: Budget LED & First Grow

    Hello all, My name is Mosspb and this is my first grow. I read through a few other grow journals of first time growers and was shocked by the amount of support and advice they received. :420: has developed quite a community and I figured why not jump in with both feet. First off, being that...
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