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    Bud rot! Please help quick!

    Good day ladies and gentlemen I have today discovered that I have a bad case of mold on my main cola. I have removed the cola and further removed the parts of the bud affected. Im roughly 2/3 weeks from harvest (8 weeks through a 10 week strain). May I also add that this is my first...
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    I think I have a deficiency?

    Good day ladies and gents What does this look like to you guys? Also, it's only happening on the two tops, the rest of the plant remains fine. :peace:
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    Week 7 of a 10 week super lemon haze. Will I get much more bud mass?

    Good day ladies and gents First grow so not experienced with these matters, so am I likely to get much more mass? How does she look to you guys? Will I get over an oz? :peace:
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    Best trainwreck genetics?

    I'm coming to the end of my first grow and I'm thinking of doing trainwreck next, as I tried it about a month ago and fell in love! Can anyone recommend a good seed bank for this strain? I'm also thinking of trying non-feminised seeds, planting a reasonable amount and keeping the best one...
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    How much size/weight will be lost when dried?

    Good day all It's coming to the time where I'm thinking about harvest. Think I've got about 2 weeks or so to go, I'm 8 weeks through and it states 10 weeks on the guidelines. Need to get myself a good magnifying glass which will be this weekend. It's gone so quick, I remember thinking how I...
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    super lemon haze. flower week 5. should i be expecting more?

    Good day ladies and gentlemen Just wondering if i should be expecting more from this lady by now and also how much the buds will swell? :peace:
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    Is super lemon haze a heavy feeder?

    Good day ladies and gentlemen Just want people whove grown or are growing this strains opinions on if its a heavy feeder. The reason i ask is, im 3 weeks and 3 days into flower (300w led, 2 x 30w cfls, an air pot, canna terra soil and sensi bloom a+b with various others) and i have noticed a...
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    help - droopy leaves

    Good day ladies and gentlemen Woke up this morning and went to give her her daily checkup. Noticed that the leaves were drooping and put it down to a need for water. Watered and still droopy so quite worried as shes normally reaching for the sky... I left my space open 20 mins after lights...
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    Male or female?

    Good day 2 weeks and 4 days into flower of my super lemon haze. Just curious of others opinions on the sex of the plant...? Also, is the plant likely to grow any taller? Cheers
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    Is this fan sufficient for my needs?

    Good day everyone Would the below pictured fan be sufficient for intake/outtake for a grow space with dimensions 200cm x 73.5cm x 53.5. Depending on the response i get from you lot, im thinking of getting two for intake, two for outtake and one for circulation. All help greatly appreciated.
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    Where can I get Grape God seeds?

    Ive trawled the internet to no avail...does anyone know where I can get these legendary beans? Cheers Fishy
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    Organic Liquid Seaweed?

    Good day everyone Saw this stuff in my local hardware store so thought id pick it up. Just want some advice on how to use it i.e. would i mix it in with nutrients, use it alone or use it as a foliar spray? Is this stuff useful? What are the main benefits of using it? Hope youre all...
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    When will I start to see buds?

    Hi everyone. Currently growing a super lemon haze, vegged for 6 weeks and currently in day 10 of flower, can see lots of lovely little pistils :D but when will I start to see buds? Cheers Fishy
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    How much will high temps effect growth?

    Good day ladies and gentlemen I'll firstly paint the picture for you all... I'm growing in a wardrobe which I have painted white. It is an average sized single wardrobe and I have 1 300w led and 2 20w cfls. I'm also a poor student so please take that into consideration and dont be too...
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    Do i or dont i defol?

    Good day ladies and gentleman. I have just flipped my super lemon haze which ive vegged for 6 weeks and looking for some advice on defol. I have come across many pros and cons regarding this technique so any experience/opinions are welcomed. Ive also implemented an lst technique...
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    First ever grow. Greenhouse super lemon haze. Veg week 6. Few questions

    There she is in all her glory :) I have been veging for just over 6 weeks and i want to flip so have reduced light by 1 hour per day over the past 3 days. When will the plant start to show sex? Have inspeced and cant see any sign of pistils or pollen sacks... Also, as shown in the above...
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    Best intake/outake fans for small closet grow

    Currently in week 5 of veg and have lasted without any intake or outake fans till now but have started to notice issues, which I'm putting down to poor air circulation. Smell is not an issue and the space is 200cm x 73cm x 53 cm. I'm also on a budget as I'm a poor student (which is one...
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