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    Creating Female Seeds Using Colloidal Silver - With Doc Buds High Brix Blend Kit

    This grow and others in this thread will focus on creating female seeds using Colloidal Silver. While there are other ways to create female seeds, Colloidal Silver is easily obtained, and easily even made. Much money saved and unknown strains await you! The idea is to systematically stress the...
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    DrZiggy's 2nd Journal - ACE Seeds - Doc Buds High Brix Kit - LEDs

    I will be doing a journal of various ACE Seed strains, mostly Sativas, from seed 11/13, using Doc Buds High Brix Kit and LEDs. I would like to thank 420 magazine for producing, enabling and allowing this incredible site of 420 resources and information to share. -Thank you, Doc Bud for never...
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    DrZiggy's 1st Journal Featuring Doc Buds High Brix Kit - LEDs & Cool Strains

    First of all before I begin, I want to thank those who deserve to be thanked! Thank you G-d, for Blessing us with Life and for putting this most amazing plant on Earth for its inhabitants to use. Thank you, 420magazine! This forum, 420Magazine, its amazing! Its Weed University! :) -Thank you...
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