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  1. Greenhouse250

    My no cost DIY sulfur burner

    This was made out of stuff i had layin around.. works great!:thumb:
  2. Greenhouse250

    DIY Duct silencer/muffler: super cheap

    If you google diy silencer you will find a very nice project that will rival the purchased ones. I'm all about diy'in with what's on hand. The first one i made cost me nothing but time. This one i purchased some chicken wire for 5.99$ and that was all i needed. This really does work to cut the...
  3. Greenhouse250

    Serious Seeds Passing off feminized seeds as regular seeds (unstable genetics hermaph

    Here's the emails that were sent to me in this regards This started on 31 july 2012 bought the seeds and started the germ right away. All the seed turned out to be female but one. About two weeks after showing himself now has female preflowers. I was suspicious at the fact that there was only...
  4. Greenhouse250

    2012 Greenhouse LST Grow

    Here we go! This will be the third "grow" in the greenhouse, first run in the greenhouse i had ten ambrosia clones. Needless to say it turned out to be a complete disaster, too many plants not enough air flow= mold and lots of it, had to harvest early. Next run only grew one ambrosia clone...
  5. Greenhouse250

    First Run Through My Revamped Room - Going To Hit The One LB Mark

    :welcome::welcome::welcome::welcome: Hopping to hit the mark this time, plants under lights are diesel and the plants on the outside are ambrosia. The ambrosia was the back up plan, if i couldn't get a new strain. When i did receive the diesel clones i could not bring myself to kill them so...
  6. Greenhouse250

    First attempt at grafting Diesel to Ambrosia mom

    Well, after visiting miwa's journal and reading about grafting, I had to try it for myself. The idea of just having one mom never occured to me and it sounds like a great idea. Here's one of my ambrosia mom's she will be the test subject: I've been a little ruff on her. Here's...
  7. Greenhouse250

    Need feedback on this light-mover from fleabay

    Hi guys, just wondering if anyone has used this cheap light-mover? Here are some specs. & pics, 7' Grow Light Rail Mover 7' of Aluminum Rails 10 RPM HD Drive Motor 2 Dollies with Ball Bearing Rollers and mounting loops Duration time adjustable from 2-120 Seconds Expandable up to 28' with the...
  8. Greenhouse250

    First indoor Ambrosia grow

    Pics are at 39 days, i figure 2 more weeks give or take a few days. let me know what you think?
  9. Greenhouse250

    Looking for some feedback

    I have a small space I'm trying to set up 4.5'x5.5'x8'. I'm vegging right now with one 400w and four 4' cfl. Wondering if i should just buy another 400w or bite the bullet and buy a 1000w. So would two 400w make more heat then the 1000w? also will the two 400w be less on the hydro bill or will...
  10. Greenhouse250

    Need Help please

    Hi guys, need help to identify the problem. Looked in the guide and looks a lot like calcium def. Is it and if so what should i do? thank you.
  11. Greenhouse250

    Some questions about my girls

    I have a couple of questions, i have ten Ambrosia clones in a greenhouse i built from scratch just for them. I have some issues with two of my girls, one looks to be a hermie. Should i take it out of the greenhouse or leave it? The other one has some sort of deficiency at the top of the plant...
  12. Greenhouse250

    Hello, form a small rock on the west side of Canada

    Hey guys, just discovered this site not to long ago. I'm blown away at all the great info and have lots to catch up on. I've been holding off on asking question for the simple fact of paranoia, should i be? I would think it would be pretty easy to put too and too together? I have ten girls in a...
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