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    I need a recommendation for an LED veg light

    Hey guys, I'm doing a hydro grow right now that is split between a veg and flower room. The flower room is using a platinum P300 light over a 3x3 flood table with Mylar on all sides. Works great. I used the P300 to get these plants thru their veg cycle and took some clones along the way. The...
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    Tried to top out - Is this right?

    I tried to top out my plant but I think two shoots are growing back now. I'm at week 8 transitioning and really can't afford any more height. Is this growth correct or is this more like femming?
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    Sick plants need help!

    I am currently on my first grow using a hydro - drain to waste system with rockwool cubes inside clay beads. Lights - P300 platinum LED @ 20hr light - 4hrs dark - bloom and veg lights on Strain - 2x unknown(bag seeds - 2 plants two unknown strains) Age - 8 weeks (transitioning) Water - 3...
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