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  1. AliceGG

    Wonderland Grow

    Hey everyone! :cool: This will be my first grow, and my first grow journal. I'll provide a little background info and my plans for this grow right now, and I hope I can keep this thread updated frequently. I learnt a lot about growing in the last few weeks, but of course, I still have a ton of...
  2. AliceGG

    CalMag in my water

    So I asked my local Waterworks Department (not sure about the correct translation) about the different minerals in my tapwater and got the following numbers: Total dissolved minerals: 510-550mg/l Calcium: 80-90mg/l Magnesium: 23-26mg/l Do you think I should buy additional CalMag or is this...
  3. AliceGG

    How seedbanks calculate the yields

    So I ordered my first ever seeds, they are on their way, and in the meantime I got some questions in my head. Here's one: THC: 14% CBD: Low Yield Indoor : 500 - 550 gr/m2 Yield Outdoor: 170 - 220 gr/plant Height Indoor: 80 - 120 cm Height Outdoor: 130 - 160 cm Flowering time: 5 - 7 weeks...
  4. AliceGG


    Hey there. I'm on my way to my first grow, my led will arrive in a few days and if everything goes as planned, I'll germinate my first seeds around the end of February. Now I'm a bit confused about getting the proper soil and additional nutrients for my plants. I tried searching for info, but...
  5. AliceGG

    Moving the plants

    Hey there. I've been planning to grow for several years, now I finally reached the point that I decided I'll go for it. This forum is really helpful, I read a ton of threads in the last few days but I still have a lot of questions in my head. I rent a flat and live on my own. It's a flat with...
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