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  1. JoetheChro

    Best Tunes To Garden To

    This came on as I was tending my garden a minute ago. The lyrics made me laugh, thought they was quite apt. "Stop your messing around, you got to think of your future...." Then my own lyric "....THC a message to you, THC" It make me chuckle. Let's have some more ;) Joe the
  2. JoetheChro

    Critical Kush Guerrilla Garden

    GAVITA 600se, Barney's Farm Critical Kush. Calling at all stations until we hit Downtown Dankton. Had to take a forced sabbatical thanks to Plod. We actually had a nice break in the sun so kudos to those filthy swine :) I've missed my gardening I'm back now Joe the Chro/Jose' del...
  3. JoetheChro

    LEDs or HPS?

    In a place where LEDs don't have the same reputation or widespread use that they have amongst you lot over there. Don't know if this is one question (I do. And it is) or first of many but: Why do you use LEDs? Is it the quality it produces over bud grown under HPS OR is it the cost? If it's...
  4. JoetheChro

    Let me know what you think

    Finally...or is it hopefully? Managed to get the pic in the title. Let me know what you think, these tough little plants went through their own little nightmare but I think they might be ok?
  5. JoetheChro

    Bad start - Good recovery?

    Lemon Sour Diesel. I'll admit these poor things didn't have the most promising start in life. Got as clones, on the way to plant a chance encounter with some undesirables meant they were thrown hastily into a nearby bush. Was able to get them back the next day...this was the beginning of...
  6. JoetheChro

    Kiwi Skunk In Dangerous Night Time Temperature

    Kiwi Skunk. Grown with nothing but love, sweat and tears (of joy). Was given these as a freebie when I ordered seeds online and as we all know the only thing that beats bud is bud that has been bestowed benevolently ;) I needed a quick, almost frenzied grow after being told by my landlord that...
  7. JoetheChro

    Hey everyone - This is my first time posting - I hope you enjoy

    Kiwi Skunk. Please let me know what you think!!
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