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  1. mouser

    Mouser's 2018 Grow: Harlequin x Kosher Kush Reg Seeds

    Welcome everyone to my first attempt at building my own strain. I wish I had the room to run 100 of these seeds, but we will have to make do with ~20 for the first run... I have plenty more, so if nothing good comes from these we can always have another grow. This batch here will be my last...
  2. mouser

    Clothes Dryer - Stealth Concept Build

    I was just tossing around ideas for a stealth set up at my nieces house....she's in MA where its legal to grow, but her living situation might cause her problems so... I am a commercial laundry appliance technician by trade so old dead dryers are common. The idea here is to gut the...
  3. mouser

    Fogponics cloner questions

    OK...Im building a fogponics cloner...single disk with float, 5g bucket/lid 2" collars etc.. Wondering what the best cycle is... Im thinking 30s every 5 min or so? Anyone else play with these emitters?
  4. mouser

    CLU048-1212C4-353H5K2 Tray: 3500K COB LED Version 5 Pros/Cons/Thoughts?

    They are about 1/2 (or less) the price of comparable Vero29 chips.....any input?
  5. mouser

    COB electrical question

    It has been many years since my first/only class in electronics. Im hoping someone can answer this for me. Im trying to 'redo' a cheapo cob fixture bought on the rain forest that has died on me. Each COB has 2 36v/1.2a drivers hooked up to it in parallel. Does this result in 36vdc at 2.4a...
  6. mouser

    UVB lighting - How much is enough?

    ....or better yet, how much is too much. I am running a 2x4 with, in an ideal world, 3 flowering plants. I can hang 26w UVB CFLS...or 13w... 1 per plant? 3-4 evenly spaced? can I run them off the same timer or do I want less exposeure? Any help is appretiated! :) :peace2:
  7. mouser

    Mouser's Perpetual Grow

    This will be a 3 plant grow. The Shark Shock, and the ATA Tundra were dropped sometime around the first week of June, and the AK was dropped a couple weeks later. they have been vegging since under a couple Aero Garden hoods...I am unsure of the wattage, but I like the white light and the...
  8. mouser

    Painful hands

    Hello all. I repair commercial laundry equipment for a living. Lots of heavy lifting, banging on stuff with a big hammer (missing said stuff and hitting my hands on occasion) Lately my hands have started to hurt...all the time. I know I should probably go to the walk-in and have them looked...
  9. mouser

    Haven't Killed It Yet

    Hello all. I never thought this would get off the ground. Its only been 2 weeks and the poor dear has been through a lot. I guess some background is in order. My first grow was many years ago after college...got my first place, a 'real' job and bought myself a Phototron. Add bagseed, and...
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