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    Possible hermie

    I'll try and grab some photos Tommrow I don't have any more head room unfortunately, the light is in a cool tube. I have just discovered a red light from a power board shining directly onto them, would this cause any issues being so dmall
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    Possible hermie

    They were under a 400hps for the first month just swicthed to the 600 once they started to bud
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    Possible hermie

    Don't really get the chance to light cycle starts at 3 pm and I always like to have a shower and clean up before I go in there, at best I get in there 10 mins before lights on occasionally
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    Possible hermie

    Current light cycle is 12/12 from 3 pm to 3 am currently under a 600hps Veg cycle was 18 on 4 off vegged under fluros. I will defenitly check for light leaks when I get home from work
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    Possible hermie

    Yea on 12/12 it's wrapped in panda film, and draws air from underneath which is already quite dark, but I will have another look just to be sure
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    Possible hermie

    Heat hasn't been much of a issue, it's a pretty stedy temp, I'll keep a eye on them and see what it does hopefully it doesn't start producing seeds. Could be genetics thou it has always been a bit slow on the growth.
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    Possible hermie

    well I hope not, they pod thing's are empty and there is a few driffernt stems that are budding nicely. That's why I was thinking hermie
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    Possible hermie

    First time attempting a scrog grow was just a random bag seed
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    Possible hermie

    Hey guys still new to growing having a hard time telling If these are seed pod or not, the plant is producing buds but not evenly
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    Sour D update

    was this suppose to be in your journal, looks good thou
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    In need of advice please!

    i would go and buy a cool tube or hood that way it wont directly touch the bulb if it gets to close also 250 is to small for a plant that size anyway you want at least a 600 or you wont get any penetration
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    Ph meter?

    i use bluelab they all need to be calibrated so may aswell get use to it
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    Temp and RH

    mine is around 20c in the day currently in winter here i need a dehumidifier running all day humidity in my area is always around 90%, temps get up to 30ish with lights on overnight, humidity is kept at 50% lowest i can get it non sealed grow room
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    If i had three plants, Removed two, would then the one become a monster plant?

    it is hard to keep a level canopy without trainning so i wouldnt stress to much your doing well for your first go, i dont know to much about light distances for led, the stain could possibly be spilled nutes on the leaves its hard to say
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    If i had three plants, Removed two, would then the one become a monster plant?

    removing two will have little affect you already have buds starting so why would you want to take out budding plants, the heat is nothing to worry about i get 40c days where i am and haven't had any dramas with hps, also how far away is your light from your plants
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    COB chips and heatsinks

    Hey guys been doing alot of research on cobs lately and think I'm finally ready to build my own, only problem is everything is overpriced here so has anyone built one and where did you source the parts. I've found what I need on ebay but is from Germany so worries about the cost off shipping.
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    Cyco Nutrients Thoughts and Reviews

    I use there entire line-up, it's the only product I've used been using for two years now and I can't fault it, apart from having so many additives mixing can be a pain, but it also works in favour as I haven't had any deficiencys and only ever had very slight nute burn
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    Best Hydro/Grow Store in QLD?

    Do you have any knowledge or do you plan on getting all your information from the shop, this can lead to questions about what your growing, I would research online first and go in with a list of stuff you want
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    Nutes in AU

    its hard to say since you didn't actually say what you were medium you're using, i run hydro and use cyco since they have such a large lineup its hard to get deficiencys, also with the canna nutes when it had a and b they are to be used together
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    Seed banks

    ive used bonza twice were great the first time, 2nd time i never received my seeds took 3 months to get a resend then didnt get my free seeds with the resend. going to try herbies next time
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