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  1. Vulx

    Vulx Review Discount: 25% Off All Orders

    420Magazine just posted a full review of Vulx, and the results were great. 1.37lbs wet weight without Vulx 3.16 lbs wet weight with Vulx That's a 181% increase in harvest! The review can be found here: Vulx: A 420 Magazine Review By Teddy Edwards To celebrate, we are giving 25% off all...
  2. Vulx

    50% Off Vulx: The Because We Feel Like It Promotion

    Seen threads from @Emilya and @Pbass and their success with Vulx? Want to try on your own grow but $30 is a bit too steep? This is the thread for you. Check out this review from @Pbass "40% less water and 20% increased output from the same strains." Watch the review then click here and add...
  3. Vulx

    Rabbit Manure Opinions?

    I don't have any sort of experience with rabbit maneur/droppings. My questions would be: 1. If you've used it before, what was your experience with it? 2. Does it have a "best way" or "best time" to be used? 3. Is it ok to apply without composting it? Thanks for the input!
  4. Vulx

    The Vulx Case Study Celebration Sale

    Yes, yes, yes - I know it's been a long time coming, but we're finally getting started on the case study. To celebrate that, I went ahead and created the coupon code casestudy that grants 15% off every order. Shipping is also free on the website, now (I believe it should be free on Amazon, too)...
  5. Vulx

    Additional 15% Forum Member Discount On All Vulx Orders Until Apr 22

    Grow More with Less. On top of the 10% special currently available, 420Mag forum members will get an additional 15% off any order until April 22. Coupon Code To get your discount, use the following code once you've added your items to the cart: Earth Day 50% of all retail profits starting...
  6. Vulx

    Vulx Volcanic Soil Amendment: Corporate Introduction

    We're excited to introduce ourselves as a corporate sponsor of 420Magazine. We started Vulx with one simple goal in mind: to create an effective, sustainable soil amendment that not only grows better plants, but contributes to a better environment. Vulx is a soil amendment comprised of...
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