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  1. Pterostychus

    Poll - What autoflower strain would you like to see in my next journal ?

    Dear 420 members, The reason why i do this poll is to have you guys help me make a choice ... As I cant decide which strain to grow and there are countless iterations on this forum of a lot of classic strains grow journals, why not let people decide what they want to see ... I've made a...
  2. Pterostychus

    Pterostychus: The Never Ending Story, Now White Widow Auto

    Dear ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to introduce my next grow. It will be my first journal here but it is my fourth grow. The star of this show is going to be a Purple Kush Auto Feminised, it is a freebie seed I got with my Blue Dream Auto by Humboldt seeds order, since I order from a...
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