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    What's the best seeds?

    Ok this thread is for my next journal I need 4 seeds and what site to order them that are short and bushy and some good ass meds I will pick 4 with the most answer thanks again ?:pop2::tommy:RoorRip:thanks:
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    Hello 420 members and staff

    I been growing for about 2 years its the only medicine that helps me for my back pain thats why i choice to grow it because were im at will cost me lots and lots of money and i dont work so you get the.picture i love helping others in need feel free to ask if i got the.right answer i will...
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    Growing 5 Strains Indoors!

    [-]What Strain is it Snow White,Sour diesel,NYPD,Northerm ligths [-]Is it Indica or Sativa is Indica [-]Is it in Veg or Flower-Veg [-]Indoors or Outdoors?Indoors [-]Soil or Hydro?Soil [-]Size of light?4 Feet T5 [-]Any Pest?No [-]How often are you watering?Every 5 days [-]Is it aircooled?Yes...
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    Complete Journal 2 Strains Indoors

    [1]Strain-Unkown [2]Nutrients-General hydroponics [3]Soil-Sunshine Mix [4]PH-6.2 6.5 [5]Aircooled-No [6]Growing-Indoors [7]Tent-4x4 [8]Lights-T5 for veg-600 hps for Flowering [9]Pots Size-5 Gallons :thanks::420:
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