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  1. SlyTown420

    Dried bits of Coco on leaves: should I try to remove?

    I have an issue that is bothering me and I am wondering if I should just leave the plant alone or try to resolve it. I have a seedling with 2 sets of leaves and one of the leaves has coco bits stuck to it. Should I bother trying to remove these? Foliar spraying with water isn't getting the...
  2. SlyTown420

    Sly's 1st Grow: Multi-Strain Autos In Coco With Dyna Gro Nutrients

    Hi everyone. This is officially my first grow since I had to abort the last one due to medical reasons. I'm running five autoflowers in a 2x4x6 tent under 3 MARS 300W LED's. The strains I am running are all from one of our Sponsors, Dope Seeds. What strain is it? Amnesia (1) Amnesia is...
  3. SlyTown420

    Transplant Seedlings From Soil To CoCo

    My seedlings are all in rapid rooters that are inside small pots filled with Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil. When should I transplant them into 3 gallon pots filled with CoCo? Any recommendations for a less stressful transplant?
  4. SlyTown420

    Whatcha Smokin': What's everyone smoking, vaping, dabbing, etc. right now?

    Whatcha Smokin' What's everyone smoking/vaping/dabbing/etc. right now? I am smoking some Jet Fuel in an Bong with an Ice Catcher Jet Fuel, also known as G6, from 303 Seeds is the ultimate cross of some of the most renowned Diesel strains. By combining Aspen OG with High Country Diesel, we are...
  5. SlyTown420

    Question: 1st Grow, LUX Foot Candles & Lighting?

    Hey everyone, I launched a grow journal and started some seedlings and I have some questions about lighting. The light I was using to start was a desk lamp and my seedlings keep stretching for the sky to find adequate light. I have a nice MARS Pro Epistar II 80 on order, but in the interim I...
  6. SlyTown420

    Looking for a tent

    I have been looking for a 24x24x60 grow tent but all I've been able to find are 24x24x48 and 27x27x60. My grow area is just 26 inches deep so I cant be off by even an inch or two. I have looked all over eBay and Amazon and Google'd it but all I see are different sizes.
  7. SlyTown420

    Seedlings Peat Moss & FF Ocean Forest

    Is it wise to use peat moss as a medium during the "baby seedling" stages to provide the root system an easy way to make its way around the pot? From what I have read it should be mixed at a minimum of 50/50 with a good soil like Fox Farms Ocean Forest. Is it ever acceptable or smart to use just...
  8. SlyTown420

    It's great to be here: Hi to all!

    Hey All, This site is full of so much excellent information and I want to thank all of the kind souls that help us newbies. Really... thank you man. I started a grow journal and quickly realized how many more questions kept coming up. I need all the help I can get and if I can help you in...
  9. SlyTown420

    SlyTown420's Perpetual Home Veg & Flower Tent Grow Journal: Join In Anytime!

    Hey 420 Mag Readers, I've been considering growing indoors using a tent for several years and after pulling three seeds from a bag of Alaskan Thunder Fuck this week, I decided that it was finally time to give it a try. It'll take some time before I can tell the sex of each but I know I've got...
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