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  1. Remystemple

    Budget LED's Illuminating Wonders

    I'd like a few more stickers lol.
  2. Remystemple

    Budget LED's Illuminating Wonders

    OMG he's putting his greasy fucking hands all over the diodes LOL
  3. Remystemple

    Budget LED's Illuminating Wonders

    still looking for some advice on this, buddy's coming today to build the thing and he isn't gonna wait for me to make up my mind lol. for now i'm thinking about just placing them inside the frames without locking them down or anything so i can take them out or use all 4 in one frame if i'd like...
  4. Remystemple

    weed science

    "I'm somewhat of a scientist myself"
  5. Remystemple

    Temperatures during flower

    my last grow i put a heater in the tent and didn't let the temps get below 73 at lights off. highs of about 82 with my old lights. got a great yield. 3lb's and 5 oz from 7 plants. doing the same thing this time with new lights and the buds are looking great. we just had some serious cold for...
  6. Remystemple

    weed science

    Welcome. I'll just follow along and maybe pop a few q's.
  7. Remystemple

    Budget LED's Illuminating Wonders

    So my friend who owns tools is going to build me a couple of frames for my lights. there's gonna be 2 per frame, i'm just wondering how far apart you'd recommend they be. right now the plan is to have 16" between the lights. he'll be building it out of 1 inch aluminum corner pieces? i don't...
  8. Remystemple

    Turbo Bucket's Take On RADDWC: Grow Room Build-Up

    yeah, all i had was CBC growing up. it was horrible. that or kids in the hall was the only good thing you could watch.
  9. Remystemple

    Turbo Bucket's Take On RADDWC: Grow Room Build-Up

    that's awesome. i need to have this in my tent. i wish i was more of a handy man lol. "if they don't find ya handy they should at least find you handsome"
  10. Remystemple

    Cannabis Strain Study

    couldn't have said it better myself lol. thanks.
  11. Remystemple

    Dr. Seeds' Granddaddy Purple: Coco Grow In Mars Hydro Tent Under TSW-2000

    I definitely have 2 different phenos from my gdp's. one has shorter fat leaves the other has longer more narrow leaves that looks a lot like yours. the one with the fat leaves seems to be a bit of a pig for nutes.
  12. Remystemple

    Pure Power Plant Auto Grow

    just had a peek. i think your plants look great.
  13. Remystemple

    Mac One Pics

    Meh, it may not end up being a huge yield, but those buds are beautiful, and the quality of that smoke will make up for it. did you get any clones of her? that might be a phenotype to hang on to.
  14. Remystemple

    Turbo Bucket's Take On RADDWC: Grow Room Build-Up

    well i'm sold. thanks for the excellent write up and convincing argument not to cheap out on the other odds and ends. I'll be looking at one of these next time i can afford it.
  15. Remystemple

    Silverfox’s Organic GG#4, MK Ultra x Blue Dream: Now Flowering Under Budget LED

    The thing is useless to me. or should i say I'm useless to it lol. you'd think i was a heavy drinker because i can't keep the damn thing steady enough to see anything properly. like if i spot an amber i get pretty excited lol. Looking Delish Broski!
  16. Remystemple

    Better light?

    If it makes anyone feel better i talked to a guy who's involved in a large grow op in b.c. we were talking a bit about lights and said they use cmh. mentioned the power savings of qb's and he looked at me like i was from outer space, and started talking about them as though they were blurple's "...
  17. Remystemple

    Come on folks let's see some eye candy! Here's some for ya

    the colour is amazing. I'm yet to grow a strain with much colour. hoping the gdp i have going now shows me some purps.
  18. Remystemple

    Better light?

    nah, i can't stand social media. It just triggers me to no end lol.
  19. Remystemple

    Better light?

    I'm another @Budget LED lover. Highly recommend Bud Get LED :p
  20. Remystemple

    Dutchman’s Eternal Frost Factory

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