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  1. CascadianDank

    Thoughts on killing Spider Mites with CO2

    Ive been fighting mites since July or August. Im shutting down my indoor setup because of them and waiting til I get a sealed room built sometime this year before starting it back up. Ive tried multiple sprays and predators which all did a good job of knockin down the numbers but I was...
  2. CascadianDank

    CascadianDank's 2014 Outdoor Super Soil Grow

    HELLO:420: Im anxious to get started this year on my 2nd Outdoor season but unfortunately its still a bit early for the plants to go outside. Last summer I ran 7 Gal. SmartPots and averaged around 5 OZs per plant in FoxFarm soils mixed with Coco and Perlite and fed with Organic Bottled...
  3. CascadianDank

    Whats in my soil?

    This is the rootball of one of my Super Soil grown Blue Dreams. I was dumping the pots to recycle the soil and found this on one of the 8. Anyone know what they are?
  4. CascadianDank

    CascadianDank's Redemption

    Hello :420: Ive been wanting to start another journal for a couple months now, after my past failure which some of you witnessed, but I havent had time til now. The wife and I have since bought a house and sold the RV which is why I have been too busy for a journal but I have been taking...
  5. CascadianDank

    Coco/Perlite/Ewc - 300w GSL LED - RV Grow

    Hello and :welcome: to my second effort at journaling. My first journal (linked in sig) was not what I hoped it to be so Ive decided to start a new one now that I have all my equipment in place and have settled on a soiless medium to grow in. For this round I will be using a 2: 2 :1...
  6. CascadianDank

    RV Shower Multi Strain 300w LED Organic Grow

    Hello and :welcome: to my first journal which also happens to be my first organic grow. Ive grown in perlite/vermiculite hempys for about 2 yrs but have decided to go organic. I recently moved from the midwest to the beautiful northwest and am living in an RV so space is limited to the...
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