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    Flowering Times

    I have a dumb question but when i buy regular garden seeds they have a time in which you can expect a crop. For Instance the corn i grow is 85-90 Days under normal growing conditions. When a person gets thier cannabis seeds, is the flowering time just a ball park for when flowers first start...
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    Plant Nutrition

    I have a few questions. I have been to the stores and bought fertilizer products. The particular brand that is easiest for me to access was the Holland Secret products. The personal growth box has i think 12 types of product with similiar NPand K values. I tried to attach a photo of the...
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    Howdy All

    I decided to venture past the utube videos which are very good but i have enough knowledge to be dangerous so to speak. But thats not to say I don't have questions on growing. I have type 2 diabetes been reading on these forums on other peoples experiences which is encouraging. I plan on...
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    Another AutoFlower Newbie

    Hello all ... I have a couple of plants that are starting to flower. Strain CKS-NYCDiesel Grow Environment-3x3x7 grow tent Nutrition: Holland Secret- Grow, Bloom and Micro Miracle Grow Moisture control soil Light- LED with a grow and a bloom switch 300 W I think. This is an auto flower...
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