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  1. Momma’s Kitchen

    CO2 set up & Happy New Year!

    Does anyone have any links to set up CO 2 correctly? Sending much love ❤️
  2. Momma’s Kitchen

    Happy Holidays!

    Wishing my 420 Mag family a very Merry Christmas and a safe New Years full of love, laughter and light :love:
  3. Momma’s Kitchen

    Outdoor strains?

    I looking for recommendations for an outdoor grow, West Coast climate (Southern). South western facing. Lots of sun. I have to harvest by mid September to avoid the rainy season. What strains do you recommend? I’ll start a journal for the grow.
  4. Momma’s Kitchen

    Fungus Gnats? Pretty sure but do I have it wrong

    Sorry for the graph pic...gotta find some humour Relentless... gone for weeks then a bloom. I have sprayed and put down... but they keep winning the fight. Any suggestions? If it wasn't for seeing them on the ground I wouldn't know they were there. I have looked at the roots, nothing moves...
  5. Momma’s Kitchen

    Washing pots

    This is the part I don’t care for, washing pots. I think I need a pot boy :surf: Have a great day everyone
  6. Momma’s Kitchen

    Co2 adding to my bud room

    Hi there Just looking for guidance on how to use co2, and set up. Thanks :kiss:
  7. Momma’s Kitchen

    Greenhouse Seeds: Canada?

    Does anyone know where to get Greenhouse Seeds to Canada? I’m specifically looking for Franco’s strain of Lemon Cheese. I’ve grown both individually so I really would like to grow this strain and respectfully want to spread his love ❤ and proceeds go towards his family from what I understand...
  8. Momma’s Kitchen

    Gelato & Super Lemon & Gorilla Glue, Feminized

    Crop King's very own Gelato is germinating as we speak. There are 4, feminized seeds. Super excited about this round. Super lemon & Gorilla Glue are not from Crop Kings to be clear. I have a other journals going on right now too, with non feminized seeds so this round I want to be easier. I...
  9. Momma’s Kitchen

    420 Cheese Pleezzz! Little Wine, Little Cheese, Waz That Cheesie? Afghani & Shiva Skunk, 2!

    Okay, I am going to see this through! I will do my best to fill in any blanks the best I can. Please jump in at any point on tips n tricks, I would be grateful. Even though I have had many crops, different strains, some very successful and others well....life happened. Usually as a result when...
  10. Momma’s Kitchen

    420's Indoor Cheese, Fem, Afghani, Non Fem & Shiva Skunk!

    SOooo here you go! Babies are up (Jordan of the Island). All my fem Cheese took but only about 1/4 of my Shiva and my Afghani... just a tad disappointing. However, onwards and upwards. I am totally focused on honest dialog, I would love to hope all will go right and they will grow up to be well...
  11. Momma’s Kitchen

    Black Domina: Frosty big buds!

    Some updated pics of my ladies! Getting frosty and starting to get dense. So happy. I love how they look a Mandala.
  12. Momma’s Kitchen

    Black Domina

    :cheer: Have a great Friday!!
  13. Momma’s Kitchen

    Outdoor Grow Bud Rot

    Ok soo bud rot my guess. What’s yours? Most importantly how do I save my babies? My first outdoor Grow. Built a little green house for them, however they are growing in a west coast elements. I put a big shop fan out there along with a little heater. They are about wk 3-4 ish... it only...
  14. Momma’s Kitchen

    Wtf is this? No one has gotten right yet

    So this ?? Has appeared on the stock of my plants. I’ve seen it a few times. No bugs in soil. No aphids or flying bugs. Literally no bugs at all but this thing. Comes in different shade ranging from cream to Gold. Leaves look clean to the eye and with microscope. But no one at any grow stores...
  15. Momma’s Kitchen

    Making babies?

    Ok let’s talk about sex? Haha no... let’s talk about just the seed :p I am germinating 50 unfem seeds. Ok some will be boys and others bad ass bitchs lol So if I wanted to make seeds how do I do it? I get separate the sexes, how do u make seeds ... on purpose? I’ve read a lot, but just...
  16. Momma’s Kitchen

    Back from a little siesta

    Looking forward to the dialog :Rasta:
  17. Momma’s Kitchen

    Hermi? Some seeds - Why?

    Ok so I pulled some plants 4 to be exact and they had (only at the top) and a couple yellow bananas! WTF happened! Are all My plants going to be like this? How did this happene and how can I spot a problem I couldn’t see?
  18. Momma’s Kitchen

    W9 Blueberry Bloom Revegging - Help Please!

    My five large blueberry plants are week nine in bloom. I thought they were fox tailing when actually the new growth is re-veg. What do I do??? I’m so stressed there isn’t any reason I can think of.... should I take it down????
  19. Momma’s Kitchen

    Trichomes disappearing?

    Ok sooo I’ve noticed my trichomes are disappearing on some plant (Durban Poison) W8 Bloom. I had some heat issues, AC busted, what do I do for them to come back??? The ones that are there are small and smoky. The room is fine now and temps are good but is the damaged happened irreversible...
  20. Momma’s Kitchen

    Indica vs Sativa

    Has anyone noticed a temp difference between Inficas and Sativas? My Blueberry are starting to foxtail but the indices are thriving?! Is that a thing?
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