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  1. HermanMonster

    AK Purple looking droopy

    Need a little advice with this one. leaves dark green and curling under. Seems to be growing fast enough but doesnt look healthy to me at day 30. Seedsman freebie.
  2. HermanMonster

    Photo seeds in 12 hr light

    Hi I got gifted some Jack Herrer feminized seeds. But would like to grow them with my autos on 12hr light schedule. I’m going to grow ahead and try it but would like to know if anybody else has tried it. Damn this is fun.
  3. HermanMonster

    How to clean LEDs?

    Can I just wipe them gently with a damp cloth without damaging them? Probably dusty and smoke coated. HLG.
  4. HermanMonster

    Plant has trichomes but no pistils!

    White Widow auto started in my grow room but was given to a friend to finish outdoors. Naturally we had the rainiest, most overcast May in recent history so she went a couple weeks with low sun. Now it is flowering but as noted there are no pistils but trichromes seem to be flourishing. And it...
  5. HermanMonster

    Are these dense pistils?

  6. HermanMonster

    IL gov introduces bill to legalize recreational

    I suppose I should be happy but the proposal is long on social justice which is ok and imposes arbitrary and unrealistic limits on possession. Why Gov Pritzker wants to limit possession for residents and restrict non- residents is beyond me. So the change is largely a half measure toward true...
  7. HermanMonster

    Huge hand sized fan leaves

    Hi need a little advice. Have a White Widow auto with largest fan leaves I have ever seen. They block all bud sites except main cola. Should I cut them off to allow light to get to the lower bud sites? The plant is about a month old and looks very robust.
  8. HermanMonster

    Need harvest advice

    These are white widow autos in flower for almost ten weeks. Im seeing trichromes just barely beginning to cloud up on both. What has me confused is plant on right has not sprouted new pistils in the main cola which is almost rock hard and not smelling. But very few cloudy trichromes and not a...
  9. HermanMonster

    Light schedule question

    Hi. I have 3 autos in flower under 18/6 and one photo that i have been removing and placing in dark so its 13 dark 11 lit. Tomorrow i will be unable to remove it at the normal time. Should I leave it under 18 hrs of light for one day or extend the night hours. Which option would be least likely...
  10. HermanMonster

    Fabric pots

    Hi On my second crop. Had good success with first harvest in 3 gal plastic pots. 100% germination rate. So having read positive comments about fabric pots decided to switch to them. Out of 6 seeds in fabric 3gal only two survived. In every failure the seed penetrated the surface and stopped...
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