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    Have my plants hermied? Please help

    So I’ve had a few grows before and all have been successful but none on this scale. I have 24 plants 5 weeks into flower, I grow in coco so I water my plants daily. Today when I have gone to look at my plants I have noticed small balls between the stem and the branch’s, I’m not sure if they have...
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    Help, I can’t get in to support my plants, what can I do?

    As my title suggests I have encountered a problem with my grow due to lack of experience. I have 25 large cannabis plants in an indoor room I unfortunately flipped them a little late and they have become very large bush’s, up until now I have been able to remove the plants from the room to water...
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    First Grow UK, 9 Critical Impact, 1 Cherry Amnesia

    Hi everyone So I have recently joined the site as I've been coming here to research info for my first grow so I thought I'd share my experience to help others in my position and gain any advice along the way. So if you guys will be patient with me as I'm new to forums and growing that would...
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    Hello everyone newgrower93 here

    Hello everyone I'm new to the whole growing and forums thing but I'm looking for help I've posted a thread in the FAQ section and have included a link here because it seems I'm not getting much interest in my thread, so if you could be kind enough to check it out for me that would be...
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    First grow and not sure if I have deficiencies

    Hello everyone I'm a new grower this is my first grow, I'm growing 9 critical impact seeds from vision seeds and a random free seed that is apparently 'cherry amnesia'. I have germinate my seeds with success and they have been growing in 100% canna coco. I've been feeding them canna nutes...
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