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  1. TheMadDabber

    Dabber's DIY Vape Pens

    Hello friends and 420 family! I'm back. Some of you know me most of you may not. Very brief introduction... I am Kyle AKA the mad dabber, dabs ,dabber or even mad dabs. I've been here off an on a while. I found 420 when we moved to Alaska . I was a stay a home dad looking to save money on...
  2. TheMadDabber

    The Great Outdoor Group Grow: Beastly Buds To Honor Bonsai

    Well summer is coming! And so is what I hope will become the home to any and all growers under the sun. Quite literally, if your using the sun to grow and are interested in sharing your experiences or pictures you're welcome! Greenhouse, outdoor, window growers, indoor/outdoor, guerrilla...
  3. TheMadDabber

    Photo period plant that never flowers?

    Hey everyone it's me, that dabber dude, aka Kyle. So I have a friend/ neighbor (also a member here) who's plant isn't flowering much at all and hes 2 weeks post flip. Apparently he thought he flipped about a month ago but realized the timer wasn't correct and they actually went from 18 6 to...
  4. TheMadDabber

    Dabber Presents: PSM & Stankberry Grown Remo Style: A Canniversary Grow

    Well 2018 has come and gone. And so has another grow cycle in the “tub of love”, my bathroom grow space. Originally, I had planned to implement my “beginners guide to growing on a budget” thread at the start of this year, but due to personal growth reasons, I'm afraid I won't have the proper...
  5. TheMadDabber

    All Aboard - Dabber Blooms Buds In The Tub Of Love

    Hello my dear 420 family friends and followers! :ganjamon::circle-of-love::420::circle-of-love::ganjamon: I'm back (never left?) For the second installment of growing strawberry kush in a bath tub. The first adventure was a fun one but I am hoping that was the tip of the iceberg in relation...
  6. TheMadDabber

    Coconut water in feed schedule

    Anyone using coconut water in their feed and or teas? I know many who use if for clones but I'm near week 7 of flower and was going to use it as a Potassium booster and because I was drinking it while mixing nutes. And I grow in coco, so heck why not? Just wondering the suggested amount per...
  7. TheMadDabber

    Anyone Dropping Beans? First Grow Group Of 2018

    Wondering if any of the 420 family is going to be dropping beans today? I thought, while we watch the apple drop, we could also watch some seeds sink! Looking for my stud to kick off 2018 the best way possible. I plan to pop 3 regular ATF beans. Come on along and join the fun!
  8. TheMadDabber

    The Quest For Midnight Sunshine: Dabber Begins Breeding Bodacious Botanicals

    Hello 420 family! It's time I begin the next leg of my growing, growing adventure! It has always been a dream of mine to design and develop my own personal hybrid strain offering a little piece of everything sweet cannabis has to offer. And that dream has FINALLY become a reality for this...
  9. TheMadDabber

    Concentrate Corner: Concentrating cannabis for combustion

    HELLO 420 FAMILY AND FRIENDS! Welcome to my.... excuse me OUR concentrate community! Where every day is shatterday and everything from bubble hash to solventless oil is up for discussion. ...Sorry if there was a better a to z reference to add there.... Please excuse me if a similar thread...
  10. TheMadDabber

    Paging any and all AN Voodoo Juice and Piranha users

    Just need some info on when to use these products I ordered. I know the manufacturer recommends the voodoo juice for first 2 weeks of veg and flower cycles, however they also reccomend 4 ml a liter of their base nutes... I've noticed many using voodoo juice through pre flower or longer and have...
  11. TheMadDabber

    Themaddabber's Hempy Bucket Bathtub Grow 2017

    Welcome all to my second grow and first grow journal! After months of research and refreshing my knowledge of growing cannabis it is almost time to begin! I am just currently waiting for my strawberry kush seeds to arrive from ILGM, but am expecting them to arrive sometime this week *fingers...
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