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    Finished First Harvest - Flowering Tangi Mother & Next Steps

    My clones may not make it - here is my backup - picking her up tomorrow Strain - Blue Cheese She is a clone and I am looking to turn her into 10 healthy new clones to flower come September 20th for a mid November Harvest :) My Tangilope mother is day 10 of flower and will be done around...
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    3x3 veg tent - How many clones will fit?

    hello everyone. I'm going to be vegging for 9 weeks. Using clones in a 3x3 which will flower in a 5x5 tent after the 9 week veg. My question is how many clones will fit in a 3x3 tent for vegging for 9 weeks. Thanks so much.
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    Light height? 5000k LED Philips light - Clones

    Hey everyone I have a clone king 36 and I had my clones under a t5 light but needed to free it up so now I have them under 5000k led lights philips bulbs which I used for my Seedlings before and it went well. I have no idea the height I should have them as my t5 was 6-8 inches but my...
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    Venting out Window - Light and Temp Control Help

    Hey Friends, I am looking for help in venting out my window. My situation: Ø 5x5 tent with 12 COB Vero29 V7's — setup is upstairs and has a mini clip fan + 18 inch fan on ceiling of tent + 6" carbon filter/fan combo. Ø I have another tent 3x3 with 2 x T5 ballasts (2foot 4bulbs) with...
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    Looking for quality PAR meter - Features for testing bought COB Array

    Hello Everyone, I recently had a situation with the company who built my Vero29 12 Cob Array -- It's a one person business and I am not going to say his name yet to see if he is going to be an adult and respond to my emails. I finally received my array in but knowing now how much this guy...
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    Custom COB - Help with array build - Drilling - Cutting - Material

    Hello Everyone, I am able to order the parts and they are pretty much plug and play for the Vero29 V7 which is what I am going to be using. I am looking to build a 4 cob single array with 5000K LED in it. I am looking for help in regards to: - Where do you get material for building...
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    What's the best light I could get for veg?

    Hey fellow cannabis enthusiasts. I was wondering for my veg 2x4 tent what you would suggest for the very best light possible. Aiming for LED Thanks everyone!!
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    SCROG - When to start? First time grower

    Hello Everyone, I will start off telling you about my situation. Started: Solo Cups week 3: 2 gallons pots week 6: 15 gallon smart pots final home I have SCROGCO screens 2x2 - going to be having 4 plants in their 15 gallon smart pot and their own individual screen. Currently at...
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    Advice needed - I need to buy a 2x4 veg tent - feedback please

    Hello! I currently have a 5x5 Gorilla grow tent that I am using but once it comes time to flower I will be moving two plants out of their to use as mothers. I am looking to purchase a 2x4 tent and I think Gorilla for Veg may be over kill. I will be using 4 -5 cob single array LED for...
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    Advice - I need a humidifier & timer - In Canada

    Hello Everyone, First let me start off by saying I am in Canada which limits me to buying in Canada due to exchange and duties etc.... I would love to drive locally and buy it a deal but usually you have to buy from amazon etc so I am flexible. I am in need of advice on a: -- TIMER...
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    When should I transplant? Solo cups to pots

    Hello, It's week 3 and 1 day since they broke ground (St. Paddys Day) I'm thinks of transplanting them tomorrow into 2 gallon containers for 3 weeks until final home of 15 gallons. I've also been under 4 philips led 5000k light bulbs for seedling but have a nice 12 cob led array...
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    Tent Battle: Mars Hydro 2x4 VS Fusion Hut 2x4 - Who would win?

    Good Day Everyone, I am going to be needing a veg tent in about 2 months and the space I have is a 2x4x7. I already have a Gorilla 5x5 and I don't believe I need to spend that much for my veg tent. Here are the two I was debating between and I would love to hear your feedback. Thank you...
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    Need tray for drainage to put under Smart Pots

    Hello, I'm using 18" diameter - 15gallon smart pots. I went ahead and bought 20" circular trays below it to catch the water but found out I will need 22 if not 24 or larger especially since 2 of my 6 plants will be going into a 20 gallon smart pot. Would anyone know an inexpensive tray...
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    Cooks Organic Soil - Slightly Altered - Need Feedback

    Hello, This is my second batch of soil and i have a bit less of a few items but some other items to add and I was wondering if I could get away with the following: 20 gallons perlite 20 gallons peat moss 10 gallons EWC 10 gallons Mushroom Compost 4 cups of each: - neem - kelp...
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    Cooks Organic Soil - Slightly Altered - Need Feedback

    Hello, This is my second batch of soil and i have a bit less of a few items but some other items to add and I was wondering if I could get away with the following: 20 gallons perlite 20 gallons peat moss 10 gallons EWC 10 gallons Mushroom Compost 4 cups of each: - neem - kelp...
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    PH question - Tap water is 8.9 - Clackimus Coots Organic Soil

    Hello everyone, I had a quick question and I was hoping to get some help from some experienced individuals. I was told with my soil I don't need to keep adjusting my PH. (Clackimus Coots Organic Soil but with added dolomite lime) I was adjusting it down with Lemon juice to 6.5 but I...
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    Bin Left Outside - Can I Still Make Soil In It For Indoor Grow?

    Hello, I made a batch of soil about a month ago and the bin has been left outside since then. There is still ice in it and some water and ground so the weather has been very cold... doubtful of any bugs but i don't know. I am going to be making more soil tomorrow and will be using this...
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    Looking for help with a cloning device for 20 clones

    Hello Everyone, I still have about 3 months before I am going to be able to clone but I want to get everything purchased or built in advance. I am going to be cloning using Aloe Vera but I am looking for a device or system where I could put the 20 clones into and have them succeed. Can...
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    HazePhase's LED Organic No-Till Grow Journal, 2017

    Hello Everyone, This is my first ever grow and I am going to do my best to stay on top of this journal and keep it nice and tidy. Looking forward to feedback from all angles as my plants aren't the only ones here to grow :high-five: Strain: Tangilope (Tangie X Chocolope) Flower time: 9...
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    First Grow - Tangilope - 4 SCROGS - 5x5 - Organic No Till

    Hello Everyone, I finally was able to track down some seeds - Tangilope by DNA Genetics. They have been in water for about 10 hours and have another 5-8 to go until I germinate them in a paper towel. (PH 5.5) -- My tap water is 9.1 so I added some Lime Juice to bring it down to 5.51PH...
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