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  1. SmokeLake

    CriticalClones, DrCBD & CriticalPurpleKush In The Tent

    This Journal will follow 4 CriticalClones I received from a friend and at the same time Im part of a Seedsman Sponsored grow comparing DrSeedsman CBD 30:1 and Critical Purple Kush. Sadly due to the clones and my poor 4x4 not being big enough im only growing 1 each from Seedsman and the 4 clones...
  2. SmokeLake

    SmokeLake 420 Poison Skunk & Steve’s Clone In The Tent

    315 CMH 4x4 Tent Exhaust Fan w/charcoal filter ProMix Hp cc CalMag Canna Vega Canna Flores and Bloom Booster are my planned nutrients Clones from 3 outdoor plants Early Poison Skunk (1 tooth pick) Big Poison Skunk (2 tooth picks) Steve’s Clone (3 tooth picks) ( Steve gave...
  3. SmokeLake

    Help Advice Needed: Is This Mold

    I fear I have an issue that left un checked could be harmful to my crop. How can I best treat this aside from removing leaves that are infected the worst is at the bottom of the plants only 2 of my 4 plants are showing signs the 2 not effected are narrower leafed plants the worst are the 2...
  4. SmokeLake

    420s SmokeLake Urban PoisonSkunk

    Hello and welcome to my journal journey to my back yard where im gonna legally grow some weed. Just typing that puts a grin on my face I never thought id see the day! Happy Legalization Canada :yahoo: 1 Ak39 and 2 PoisonSkunk From Quebec Cannabis Seeds. At a week old they will be moving to...
  5. SmokeLake

    Do I have nute burn or nitrogen deficiency? Or are they ok?

    EarlyMiss Auto 32 days above grade and the last 8-10 days have seen a foot of growth 1 did not branch out like the others but started to bud aggressively. Another has started to bud and the other 2 not far behind. However I’m concerned by lower leaf yellowing and yellow tips up top. Using pro...
  6. SmokeLake

    420’s 4x4 Soil 315cmh EarlyMiss Grow Journal 2018

    Hello this is my first legal grow in Canada. Im starting this journal to document progress and pick up tips and tricks. CKS Early Miss Auto Flower 5pk Peat pucks ( do not use for autos) ProMix HPCC in 3 Gal Root Pouchs 315cmh ballast running 4200k veg and 3100k for flower. 4x4x6 Mammoth Tent 4”...
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