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  1. GanjaGed

    GanjaGed, DWC, LED, Strain Unknown, 2017, 1st Grow

    I've played around with 1-2 plant grows before but this will be my first "legitimate" grow. I'm just getting set up now and will start some clones tomorrow. I know I'm a bit early in posting but today is a bit special to me, beyond the excitement of this project. Today is the one year mark of...
  2. GanjaGed

    Current MN Cannabis Laws

    Figured I'd get this up to date and maintain it. In Progress Law Text Chapter 311 - Minnesota Session Laws And the 2015 Update Chapter 74 - Minnesota Session Laws The non-lawyer version: Medical cannabis is provided to patients as a liquid, pill, or vaporized delivery method that does not...
  3. GanjaGed

    No love for MN

    Maybe I'll try to pick up the mantle here :) I guess you can't really get excited for a State that has managed to lose $11 million dollars in 2 years selling marijuana! And now our brilliant strategy is to set up conditions that require interstate transportation... I'm just hoping the...
  4. GanjaGed

    To whom it may interest

    Why GanjaGed? Well the Ganja part is fairly self-explanatory and the Ged ( "G" as in give ) is short for Gedachtnis which was my character name in WoW, Aion. LotRO, and The Secret World. So it's possible I've talked to you before, or my wife who was named Verizamour. I'm 52 and am at the end...
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