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    To burp or not to burp

    Hey guys, this is my first cure. Thursday will be a full week of curing for my two plants that I dried for roughly 5-7 days (give or take). They are all in the range of 59%-62% RH. Would you still recommend opening them up for 5-10 mins to burp them daily, should I just open them once a week, or...
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    Question regarding curing

    Hey guys, I have a question about curing. I grew two plants and staggered the harvest by only cutting off a bit at a time and allowing the rest to mature a bit more. Having done that, I became confused as to how long each batch dried. I'm positive that each batch had roughly 5-6 days to dry. Now...
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    Question about trichome maturation

    Heya everyone, I'm close to harvest on one of my plants and I'd like some advice from the pros. Do you think she's ready?
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    Potential problem

    I'm new to the site and I've tried looking everywhere to post this to the correct sub, but I was unable to find a section to post problems with plants so I figured I'd just submit my problem here and hope for the best. Without further adieu: Hello there, I'm currently growing two Autoflower...
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