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    Fungus gnat in DWC?

    Noticed last night little gnat like bugs flying out of my res during change. They are 52 days old (13 days into bloom nutes). pH and ppm have been steady throughout grow with res temps ranging in low 70s. Every res change at 7-10 days it gets hydroguard and Z7 with additional boost of Z7 every...
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    I'm lost here as to what is wrong

    First it was a light issue and them it was overwatering. They are just not recovering like I thought/expected so coming back to the community for guidance. Today is 14 days from when they sprouted from the rock wool. 10 days from being in DWC with just ph'd water to 5.7ish and no nutrients...
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    Psilosinner's Inaugural Auto DWC Grow

    What strain is it? Dark Devil Auto x 2 (Sweet Seeds) / Auto Duck x 2 (Dutch Passion) / White Widow Auto x 2 (New Breed Seed) / Wipeout Express Auto x 1 (Heavyweight Seeds) Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Hybrid / Hybrid / Hybrid / Hybrid Indoor or outdoor? Indoor Soil or...
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    Light burn on seedlings?

    I'm on the fence right now on what to do or if I need to do anything at all. It has been about 20 years since I grew but now that I live in a state that it is legal to grow for personal use I'm getting started up again. New technology and being rusty has me worried and possibly micro managing...
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