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    Leaf miners, eggs and a weird looking thing

    It’s the middle of the summer and it’s hot, and humid, so it’s paradise of the pests. So I stared seeing leaf miners, these eggs under some of the leaves and that weird looking thing was chilling on the stem. Do you think they are all connected or they are all different pests? I red that the...
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    Is this deficiency or lockout?

    Hi Guys, is this deficiency or lockout? I can’t wrap my head around it, there are always some problematic leaves. I feed with all the nutrients that the producer recommends and give cal-mag in addition. At least I think that I have a good watering system, I check the weight of the pot and wait...
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    Is this Nitrogen deficiency?

    Hi Guys, Is this Nitrogen deficiency? Thanks
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    I’ve messed up the light cycles: shall I invest time in this plant or it’s a lost cause?

    Hi Guys, I’ve messed up the light cycles of the plant below. It’s Blueberry Auto, outdoors, 28 days old since sprouting. Maybe you are thinking how have I messed up the light cycle if it’s outdoors? Well, for the first two weeks the plant was totally dependable on the daylight (14hours), but in...
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    What am I doing wrong with the seedlings?

    Hi Guys, I really have no idea what I’m doing wrong with my seedlings. Every seedling starts great in the beginning and then it gets that thinning in the base of the stem and if I don’t support it, it will break from it’s own weight. I’ve managed to save one with burrowing the damage, a member...
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    Is this heat stress or nutrient problem?

    Being inexperienced grower is not an easy thing, especially when you see all sorts of issues that you don’t understand. At least it’s interesting:) So guys is this what you see seems familiar to anyone? The plant is Blueberry auto, 2+ weeks old, outdoors in peat, sphagnum moss perlite mix. The...
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    Is this bud rot?

    Hi Guys, is this the beginning of but rot? You can see the browning of the bud on the top and the sugar leaves. Can’t get better photos, sorry. The plant is AK-47 auto, 9 weeks old, outdoor. What would be your advise, to cut or to leave it and see how it goes? I wish I could leave it 1-2 weeks...
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    Is this one entering flowering stage?

    Hi Guys, is this plant entering flowering stage? It’s outdoors and where I live the day is still longer than 12 hours. Is this normal, the plant is 9 weeks old? Thanks
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    Blooming nutrients during vegetative stage?

    Hi Guys, is it ok to give blooming nutrients during the vegetative stage? Can this do any harm to the plant or actually will give additional boost? Talking about outdoors if this matters at all. Thanks
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    How long can you store nutrients?

    Hi Guys, how long can I store nutrients mixed with water? Should I put them in the fridge or leave them on dark place with room temperature. What are the potential risks of that? Thanks
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    Seedling stem looking weird

    Hi Guys, do you have any ideas what’s going on with this seedling stem? Looks like it’s thinner in the base. I don’t water too much. The plant is 1 week old, looks with strong leaves. It’s outdoors, do you think this might be an issue from the sun? The past three days I spray water every night...
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    Identifying issue help

    Hi Guys, Can you please tell me what does that look like to you? I swear yesterday wasn’t there, I woke up and saw it in the morning. The plant is Super Skunk, outdoors, soil in a pot. The whole story is that I wasn’t checking the ph and didn’t give additional cal-mag. The plant started having...
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    Nutrition schedule question

    Hi Guys, I have a question about this nutrition schedule attached below. From what I see, I understand that this is the feeding schedule for an auto-flower. Because the whole cycle is 12 weeks to harvest. According to this table how should I continue to feed normal plant after the second week...
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    Hello 420 community, newbie needs help

    Hi Guys, First I want to say hi and sorry if this is not the right place for this post. I’m very new in the whole growing thing and I’m still learning and reading but very often a lot of stuff seem like mess and I’m looking for clear answers. That’s why I decided to write here, because I see a...
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