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  1. onthe420train

    On the 420 Train Grow

    Well I stopped journals a while ago but going to get back at it as we start using flood table again. Much le ss maintenance than deep culture because only having one reservoir for a large area. Anyways not much to post yet... some pics coming up in a minute
  2. onthe420train

    Onthe420train's Back in Bubbles Grow

    Hey so I'm going back to DWC after doing Ebb and flow for the last 4 months. Four 18 gallon plastic tub with 5 3.75" netcup each and growing from clone. Hydroton, rockwool macro plug, ecoplus dual outlet air pumps, flexible diffusers and medium air stones. so I made four of these for $110...
  3. onthe420train

    Onthe420train's DWC 05-10 Grow

    Halloo This is my May 2010 grow journal prompting the beginning of a DWC harvest. The general outline is about Seeds germinate 4/20 clones will be cut in may and vegged to mid-late may flowering will go to harvest one mid-august, crop two will be cloned when crop one is flowered...
  4. onthe420train

    Adding potassium nitrate to maxi bloom - need help determining quantity.

    Well got this potassium nitrate 13-0-44 salt and MaxiBloom 5-15-14 to mix and want to get somewhere around 15-10-30... how much potassium nitrate should I add or how should I go about determining it using EC/PPM testing or molecular weight calculation? can weigh accurately to .01g
  5. onthe420train

    Smart Pots

    I just ordered about 30 two gallon smart pots for my ebb and flow table. They should be here next week and I will give a little more info and some pics. Just so you know these are smart pots #2 - two gallons a piece. The idea behind smart pots is that a breathable fabric allow much more oxygen...
  6. onthe420train

    White mold on top of soil / rockwool?

    So I had some algae growing on my over watered rockwool (in direct light) I pulled the RW plants out of my table and put them in their own tray and water them alone - after a few days in very high humidity I found the algae also had white powder forming on top of it - made covers for the cubes...
  7. onthe420train

    For all Deep Water Culture: DWC Blueberry

    sponge bobs back :surf::surf::surf::surf: 5 gallon DWC bubbles flexible diffuser the blueberry clone blueberry seed from a friend - that's the only clone I took it re-vegged into a nice little shrub. I am going to take many a clone from it once I discover its secrets...
  8. onthe420train

    Ruderalis Breeding Journal

    Product Information Manufacturer The Joint Doctor Genetics Lowryder original, lowryder #2, Diesel Ryder, Purple Ryder Pack Size 10 Seeds Variety Ruderalis (auto-flowering) Feminised Regular (not feminised) THC Content 10/15% Height 30-60cm = 1-2ft Flowering Time 6 Weeks...
  9. onthe420train

    My indoor FAQ

    How and how long does typical mj flower? after a minimal 2 or 3 week vegetative growth stage following germinationmj takes 5-15 weeks typically to flower with indicas ranging from 5-9 and sativa is 9-14 skunks usually 7-11 hybrids are often optimized for 6-9 week a good 7-8 week range is pretty...
  10. onthe420train

    600w Dual Arc

    LU600MH/P dual arc hps and metal halide 600 wattage 61,000 lumen 2,600 Kelvin ordered one of these should be getting it in soon and will display legit comparison photos with hortilux super hps about 2.5 months old. hortilux LU600S/HTL/EN 600w 88,000 2,000 Kelvin so the initial lumen rating is...
  11. onthe420train

    Choosing nutrient additives

    hey so right now running am planning to use floranova grow and bloom, and koolbloom but thinking about adding other GH additives such as diamond nectar (humic acid), floranectar (sweetener / carbo), florablend (compost tea), florashield (for health) and florakleen (for flush). I notice that...
  12. onthe420train

    4:20! all aboard!

    All aboard whos coming aboard a bowl in the bong at the 4:20 blaze! It doesn't matter your time zone, if its 4:20 AM/PM rep it with a digital toke. :cool027:;):smokin2::bong: I'm blazin some pineapple express
  13. onthe420train

    Onthe420train's 420 Grow

    onthe420train here with a fun-filled multi-strain extraveganza due to be ready by 420! The strains are mostly freebies from Attitude, as well as some others. by DNA Genetics LA Confidential x Skunk Kushberry x Skunk Kandy Kush x Skunk OG18 x Skunk Sleestack x Skunk feminized...
  14. onthe420train


    Hello! its onthe420train; new to www.420magazine.com been growing marijuana for about a year and have become familiar with both soil and soil-less methods of growing. now use soil - soil-less growing which is coco soil mix in a hydroponic ebb and flow table setup. best of both worlds...
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