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  1. Van Stank

    Stanks Switch It Up In 2019

    Why another journal? Well to be honest, the other one has gotten too long and to a degree stale. We are continually trying to get better in our garden and its our hope to improve on the journal as well. We will finish out the flowering girls in the old journal and retire that one. This...
  2. Van Stank

    The Stanks Do Stankberry & DTF

    Why another Journal Stank's? We are breaking this journal off from our perpetual as it will allow us to showcase our own crosses. We will post updates of all our Stank Genetics stuff here as a focal point. We started 8 beans, 4 Stankberry and 4 DTF about a week ago. What is a Stankberry...
  3. Van Stank

    Alaskan Thunderfuck Review

    I grew out some Alaska Thunderfuck by Twisty Treat Seeds last year. I never did an official smoke report on it so here goes. The plant was grown in organic soil with no bottled nutes. The jar that this review is coming from sat curing for over a year. Definitely got better with age...
  4. Van Stank

    Stanks Go Perpetual In 2018!

    Hey 420!!! The new year is upon us and the Stanks have decided to go perpetual. We had a great time on our first two grows but we have decided to change things up a bit. In our first grows, I did most of the growing work and Ms Stank helped where needed and at harvest times. This year, she...
  5. Van Stank

    Van Stank's Nukehead Sponsored Grow

    Happy New Years to 420 and anyone who might browse this forum. The Stanks are starting the new year off in a Nuclear fashion with the signature strain from Nukehead. First I want to apologize for the delay in getting into this grow. It was my original intent to grow this at the end of last...
  6. Van Stank

    Breeding and Cross-breeding

    Hey all. I have a question for those of you that might have breed or specifically cross-bred some strains. I am currently growing an Alaskan Thunderfuck male that I intend to breed for more ATF seeds. I have also taken clones from a Durban Poison, Blue Kush, and Blueberry for the intent...
  7. Van Stank

    Help - New to the site - Can't upload pictures

    Hey all, Any help in adding pictures to the gallery so I can add to my grow journal would be greatly appreciated. I was able to add 4 pictures initially and now I keep getting error messages. I am trying by clicking on the "Gallery" tab and then I select "Upload Photos". From there I try to...
  8. Van Stank

    1st Grow - Alaskan Thunderfuck x4 - Durban Poison - Blue Kush & Blueberry In Kindsoil

    Hey all!! Just started my first grow a little more than a week ago. I am growing (4) Alaskan Thunderfuck seeds (Regular seeds as the feminized were sold out....and I want at least 1 female), (1) Durban Poison, (1) Blue Kush, and (1) Blueberry (free seed). I am doing all them in a 4x4x6.5'...
  9. Van Stank

    New member and 1st time grower

    Hey all, Van Stank here, I have been a reader for a while now and love the magazine. Finally bit the bullet and decided to do my 1st grow and get active in threads and posts. I love all the advice and input I see from all the members and the fact that there isn't any of the degrading name...
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