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    Heads Up Sonoff Users

    hey people, just giving you a heads up, the Sonoff wirless timers are NOT working. The system uses E-Welink, and they are basicly done, as far as i can see, everyone having issues for a few months. I was trying to reset my timers for 18/6 and now, i cant get into the app to adjust the timer...
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    Mayne's CocoLoco - COB - Air Injection Project Journal

    Ok, planters, new journal for ya. 4 COB setup Luminus cxm --2x3500CRI90 --2x4000CRI80 --2x185H-C1400B Drivers --Sonoff 4ChanPro wifi timer control. --Run at 300Watts Soil --Cocoloco exclusively Nutes --MegaCrop (1part dry nutes) --CalMag Pots --1 gallon Fab pots --40oz plastic containers...
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    PreFlowers In Veg

    Hey people, 90 day veg right now, and getting preflowers under 16/8. Does that mean i have to flip? I would rather not, because I just transplanted into 10gallonfabic pot today, in straight cocoloco. I also wanted to top again, because wasnt planning on Flipping for another 3-4 weeks...
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    Coco Loco

    How do you water? everyday? 6.2ph?
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    Mayne's Perfect Sun Mini Grow Adventures

    Hi folks, figured to start a journal. Finally got me a PSMini. Using in a 27"x27" tent. I have a bunch of things going on with this grow. It was started under a DIY Strip light I built from cheap Ebay strips for the first 60 days. I flipped to flower 22 days ago, and she has been showing...
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    Algae growth and watering

    so, whats the story on it. coco with sand on top, green algae forms, I water over it. Any concerns over this? would that alone mess up PH? Going to cover them now, but having issues and wondering what the effects are of doing the watering ontop of the algae. Thanks
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    CoCo grow - Need opinions

    Hey folks, Growing in coco, Fox farm, ph good at 5.8, checked daily prior to watering. Here is the problem, they look reallllly light color, and 1 is almost lime color. Should be a tad darker, although they are growing fast, Id think they should be close to the baby leafs, ( very first...
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    FoxFarm Nutes Problems

    Hi, Running FoxFarm nutes, in week 2 flower, nutes are at 320ppm after mixing and ph'n. Says they should be in the 1120 range. How do I raise PPMs? Using Big3 and Open sesame right now, with recharge, but cant get PPMs over even 400. Growth is slower then expected, temps at 66Res, ph...
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    DWC, MarsHydro, FoxFarm Run

    Whats up people, got something interesting going on here for ya. DWC, MarsHydro300, FoxFarm Nutes trio, Recharge First DWC, former microgrower, Conditions optimal, 65water, 750ppms, 59ph, dont change much, drinking water. Dont know how to rise PPMs after res change tho, was...
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    Mayne, You Sure 4 Inches Is All She Needs?

    How about 8? lol, OK, funny title, i know, borderline ethical, probably. If you follow Neil at Grow Pot Cheaply, you know what this is all about. Going to start this Journal for testing run purposes to learn lightsetup, and maybe perpetual. Beans-- No idea. Bag seed that...
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