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  1. Supernova

    The right temperature?

    So here is the story, my husband had a surprise interview. Kind of late last night, they called him to come in early in morning the next day for the interview. It was shocking, so of course we know he is not clean (just weed). So we were told to go to the local shop to get the detox drink. He...
  2. 420 Girl

    420 Girl

    <p>By any of the major criteria of harm, mortality, morbidity, toxicity, addictiveness and relationship with crime, cannabis is less harmful than any of the other drugs, or than alcohol or tobacco. - Report of the British Police Foundation March 2000</p>
  3. Supernova

    SuperNova's Indoor Grow 2010

    Thank you, I can't wait to see what I got here! lol
  4. Supernova

    SuperNova's Indoor Grow 2010

    I know, it is at 18/6 at the moment. I know I should let it veg longer, but I am putting it into 12/12 now (well, gradually) since I am not worried about the quantity of my harvest just yet. I need to know what the sex is asap, so if it is indeed a female, I can make clones right away and grow...
  5. Supernova

    SuperNova's Indoor Grow 2010

    Update!!!! Here is my baby now at 3 weeks. I took these pictures yesterday, and already she is a bit taller and the smaller leaves are bigger. In less then a week, I will be changing up the light system to go on to 12/12 hours. Of course I will do this gradually during the week. Hopefully this...
  6. over all look

    over all look

    my plant at around 3 weeks old.
  7. side view

    side view

    my plant at around 3 weeks old.
  8. over all look

    over all look

    my plant at around 3 weeks old.
  9. top view

    top view

    my plant at around 3 weeks old.
  10. Supernova

    Hempy Halloweed!

    Your tattoos are AMAZING 420! I am working on sleeves myself, but none of them are complete yet. The koi is seriously awesome though.
  11. Supernova

    Hempy Halloweed!

    Tokemas? Man... I am good at this... lol
  12. Supernova

    SuperNova's Indoor Grow 2010

    Thanks Tmac12! I do feel a bit better. ;)
  13. Supernova

    Not a problem! Thank you for accepting me! :D

    Not a problem! Thank you for accepting me! :D
  14. Supernova

    Transplanting during flower?

    Re: Transplanting during flower ? I would just suggest keeping them the way they are since you are so close to harvest. But hey, if you really want to try to transplant and use only one plant to see how it works, let us know what happens! But if you are deciding to clone, then now you know to...
  15. Supernova

    DocBud's Medical Grow

    I love your set up! Perhaps one day I can have a epic set up such as yours. And your plants... don't get me started on those plants... just too godly. :D
  16. Supernova

    Growheart's 125W CFL Closet 1st Time Soil Grow

    Your plants were.... amazing! They caused me to stare at them for a long period of time. Just surely beautiful! I can't believe your harvest!!! I don't know if purely jealous is the right word to describe it... it's something more then that... :P ;)
  17. Supernova

    T.H.Seeds H.D.F, Dina Haze Auto, Dina Road Runner

    Your bud looked amazing! And I see your girls are going nicely! You are one lucky man. :MoreNutes:
  18. Supernova

    SuperNova's Indoor Grow 2010

    Thank you Bud08. :D So, I just transplanted my baby. I saw that her roots were poking out the holes at the bottom of my cup, so I figured it was time. The transplanting was kind of rough though... I have read to not touch the roots, but I did a couple of times. >.< I totally did not mean to...
  19. Supernova

    Somehow it's Working - Soil, Sun & CFL's

    I shall follow your new journal then, and give you all sorts of support. I hope that your next harvest will go by smoothly and no budrot!! And my confidants is growing a little more. My plant has been indoors only, so we shall see how it goes!!! :51:
  20. Supernova

    Sour Diesel #8 Indoor, 2x600W - Soil - FF Nutes

    Re: Sour Diesel #8 indoor, 2x600w, soil, FF nutes Your girls look amazing and delicious! Those crystals man... those beautiful crystals... :tokin:
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