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  1. fanleaf

    My new auto strain

    So, a while ago I bred one of my female Pineapple Express Auto by Fast Buds with a female Bloody Skunk auto by sweet seeds. I used silver to turn a branch on the Pineapple an that pollen got used on a Bloody skunk. So far every seed I have grown to flower from that mix has been the largest...
  2. fanleaf

    Anyone using Orca film?

    Just ordered a big roll of it and the seam tape. My grow room has been flat white paint since I built it. Wondering what others think of the new Orca film? Did your grow area look different with the naked eye? Any other differences noticed? Seems going from a 75-85% reflective white paint or...
  3. fanleaf

    Question For You Vermicomposters

    I was just going through my worm bin so I could feed them. As I lifted the damp newspaper that I have covering the top I noticed all of these eggs stuck to the underside of the newspaper. for those of you that compost with red wigglers for your fresh earthworm castings, can you tell me, are...
  4. fanleaf

    Fanleaf Tries For A TLO, True Living Organics, Grow With 6 Plants

    Hello All It's been quite a while since I have done a grow Journal here and since I'm trying something totally new to me and I'm really excited about this grow, I figure now is the time. This grow will be a 100% true living organic grow. I will be abiding by strict organic rules for the entire...
  5. fanleaf

    Harvestright freeze dryer for weed? Done and cured in a day!

    Hey guys. I can only find a few guys online who have had access to the right equipment to try this and those few who do have said that freeze drying their bud is not only done in a day but preserves and makes the terpenes just crazy strong. They say that not only that but the bud breaks up...
  6. fanleaf

    Fanleaf's 1st Grams Per Watt Grow Under The 25 Cree COBS

    Welcome everyone. For this round I have decided I wanted to do something I haven't done before. An all out grams per watt grow in my 4.5' X 4' area. I'm not a huge fan of just going for grams per watt but I do want to see just what my abilities are in there. Perhaps more importantly it will give...
  7. fanleaf

    What's up with all this Chinese bs?

    Mods....Has 420 been hacked or what? The last 200 new threads are all spam Asian type writing.
  8. fanleaf

    Fanleaf Tries To Germ & Grow A Stash Of 42 Year Old Acapulco Gold Seeds!

    So for this round we will try to germinate and grow to breed some seeds from some 42 year old seeds. They are the original Acapulco Gold strain seeds. This will be quite fun. If all goes well and we get a few to "go" the plan is to breed both regular seeds as well as some fem seeds. I have about...
  9. fanleaf

    Fanleaf Goes Hi-Brix On 6 Auto's

    Well for this round I bring you 6 Auto's with Doc's Hi-Brix method of growing. This is a new method for me so I will be learning a ton I'm sure. This is actually my very first 100% organic grow so I'm excited for that as well. I will be using a minimum of LST but depending on early growth...
  10. fanleaf

    Fanleaf's Huge 42 COB Array Build Plus Other Builds

    Hello everyone. Getting very close to the start of my next project. Building a 42 cob cxb3590 superpanel. Going in a Mars Hydro 8X8 tent and lighting 6X8' of the tent. Yup, just about 1 cob per square foot of lighting area. This will be pushed by 6 Meanwell HLG-320H-C1400B drivers. The light...
  11. fanleaf

    Hey all - Name this def!

    I had a calcium issue and have that under control now. Now I have just a few smaller fanleafs doing that. The fan leafs that are doing it are all close to the bottom. Its like its coming from the stem of the leaf outward. Sent from my VS980 4G using 420 Magazine Mobile App
  12. fanleaf

    Fanleaf's Cannabutter from fresh frozen trim

    Hello everyone. I just wanted to show you my recipe that I make butter with. I had a hard time finding a recipe for fresh frozen trim so maybe this will help a few others. For this batch I'm making 2 pounds of butter. Ingredients; 11.2 ounces of trim, 8 sticks of REAL UNSALTED butter. 11.2...
  13. fanleaf

    Just found 30 seeds of 40 year old Acopulco Gold Original! Need advice

    So, I just acquired 30 seeds from a tube that's been sealed up for 40 years. While I don't think I will have 100% germination what do a few of you pro's recommend to keep this strain going from these 30 seeds. In past grows I have successfully taken a female plant and flipped the sex on 1 branch...
  14. fanleaf

    Anyone here used Mammoth P?

    I bought a bottle of Mammoth P after reading what I could find and seeing some "youtube results". Seemed very promising and interesting. I'm not a big person that falls for everything you see in Youtube vid's but theres a guy with a huge Cree LED layout that seems to have had a huge side by side...
  15. fanleaf

    Anyone have an Apogee AGP-MQ-500 quantum meter?

    I just bought one to test my Cree Cob arrays. Wondering if you guys that have or had one can answer a few q's? Was it worth the price? Is there anything special I should know? I forked out about $500 for it because I wanted the 500 because it's the full spectrum unit made for all light sources...
  16. fanleaf

    Does Dr Krippling Incredible Bulk/Money Maker/White Widow x Big B live up?

    Hi guys and gals I'm prepping for my next run. It will be my first Hi Brix grow. I'm trying to decide on a few strains I haven't ran before so looking for those who have grown these for some insight. Dr Krippling incredible Bulk, does it live up to the name? I top, crop and LST and provide...
  17. fanleaf

    Superoots air pots & explosive roots! How?

    Can someone tell me how with a 7 gallon pot that is almost 16 inches tall and an Autoflower growing in it are these roots Staying Alive stretching over 12 inches out of the bottom of the pots? Here's a picture with my sweet dark devil Auto that's in my current Journal sitting on top of a 5...
  18. fanleaf

    Looking for the best brand names in double ended HPS and ballast

    Title say it all. I'm trying to educate myself a bit here. Can you guys share a few of the make and model of some of the newest, best 1000w double ended bulbs and ballasts? I know there will be differing opinions and that's what I'm looking for. If you have some info that you think sets your...
  19. fanleaf

    Fanleaf's New Room & A 6 Plant: 4 Strain Auto Grow & Perpetual All LED Baby

    Hello Eveyone Going to start off a perpetual grow in my new room today. Starting with 6 Auto's for the first month and then adding several photo periods from there. I just finished building a new grow room in the basement. What a pain in the butt. Wanted something a little bigger than the...
  20. fanleaf

    Ahhh almost finished building new grow room! Can't wait

    Well, I haven't been able to grow for the last little while due to my grow area being used for other purposes. That's about to change though. My old grow area was only about 3.8 feet X 3.5 Feet X 7 foot tall. I decided to invest in some supplies and put myself to work. The new grow room is...
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