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    Bruce Banger: Seedsman

    Hi Everyone: it’s been a while but i’m glad to return! i harvested my girls this evening - both are Bruce Banger Seedsman - flower Day 58.
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    Incredible Bulk Flower Cycle Day 42

    Greetings All: Here are my four IB girls in Flower Cycle Day 42 - organic soil, 4 gallon smart pots 600W HPS 2100K, (2) 24W LED, and (6) CFL's of varying color spectrum 6500K, 5000K, 3500K, 2700K. I'm running H&G nutrients at 50%. My grow room is a renovated storage room upstairs - it's about...
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    Critical Sensi Star Flower Day 45

    Hi Everyone: Attached are few pix of my current grow Bubba's Gift and Critical Sensi Star (Delicious Seeds) Flower Day 45. The specs are included in my Bubba's Gift thread below (soil, smart pots, 600W MH/HPS, H&G 25%). Critical Sensi Star is 10% Sativa - 90% Indica yet my girl on left went...
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    Bubba's Gift - Flower Day 37

    Hi Everyone: I wanted to post some pix of my latest grow - Bubba's Gift - Humboldt Seeds. I'm growing in organic soil, four gallons smart pots, under a 600W MH/HPS supplemented by four 24 watt LED and six 23 W CFL. I converted a storage room in my condo into grow room 6 x 4 x 8 dedicated...
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    Purple Skunk Mass - Critical Mass Collective

    Here's my Purple Skunk Mass Veg Day 29 - fimmed three days ago. I'm growing in organic soil, five gallon smart pots under a 600W MH supplemented with LED and CFL. I'm running H&G nutes @25%. Growth thus far has been quite impressive albeit it a bit of stretch owing to their Sativa dominance...
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    White Widow & Money Maker Veg Day 23

    Here are a few photos of my current grow of White Widow (Seedsman) and Money Maker (Strain Hunters). I'm at Day 23 Veg under a 400W MH (4100K) and many CFL (Philips 23W daylight deluxe 6500K). Topped yesterday all are right at 8" in height. I had a couple of soil flies killing my buzz -...
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    OG Kush Budding Cycle Day 33

    Hello My 420 Friends: I'd like to share some pictures of my girls in Budding Cycle Day 33 - Sensible Seeds Medicann OG Kush. I'm flowering these girls in my new grow room under a 400W HPS (2100K) along with ten (10) 23W CFL's (6500K, 5000K, 3500K and 2700K) for a total of 630W combined...
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    My OG Kush Grow Room

    Hello My 420 Friends: Well, I've embarked on my 5th official grow - Medicann OG Kush. Unlike past grows I finally have a dedicated grow room! My girl and I live in a two level condo which has huge cathedral ceilings and a big loft with fireplace. After much negotiation she agreed to allow me...
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    White Widow - Budding Cycle Day 29

    Good Afternoon All: Here's a pic of my current grow - White Widow 70/30% Sativa/Indica. My girls are in Budding Cycle Day 29 under 556 total watts - a 400W HPS @ 2000K for primary lighting and six (6) 26W CFL's @ 6500K for supplemental lighting. This is my 4th official grow and 1st...
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    Delicious Cotton Candy Flowering Day 24

    Here's my Delicious Cotton Candy Flower Day 39. She is blowing up at an incredible rate and has become quite smelly (in a good way lol). Any thoughts, comments, suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    Delicious Cotton Candy Flowering Day 24

    Here's a few pix of my Delicious Cotton Candy @ Day 24 flower. She's under 524 watts of CFL's (crazy i know). I'm happy with her progress thus far - she's thickening up quite nicely and getting real stinky This will be my last CFL only grow as I was recently given a 600W and 400W MH/HPS -...
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    Parabolic Reflectors - CFL's & Y-Splitters

    Hello All: Recently, on my second grow, I opted to use Y-Splitters in my CFL parabolic reflectors (11 inch). I had come to learn that parabolic reflectors can increase lumen output by 20 to 25% - sp doubling down appeared to be a logical move. I was wrong. Employing the Y-Splitters...
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    Skunk #1 Flower Week 6 - Is She Ready? 1st Sativa Grow

    Hello Everyone: I hope someone more knowledgeable can help me with my Skunk #1. She's just reached week 6 flowering state. This is my first Sativa dominant grow. I understand many Sativa strains require 6 to 8 weeks. She slowed a bit as a result of a damn light left on in my grown room...
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    Skunk #1 Flower Day 39

    Hi Everyone: Here's a few pictures of my Skunk #1 Flower Day 39. I had to physically relocate her to another house two weeks into flowering - thank God for wardrobe boxes! She needed a few days to acclimate but she's back on track. Of course, I had to move several lights in order to...
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    Aluminum Reflectors

    Hi All: My bro works for a big mechanical contractor and gave me two Aluminum Reflectors. These reflectors once held Philips 400W Metal Halide Lamps (40,000 + lumen). There are scores of them in his shop and man lemme tell ya it's BRIGHT! The dimensions are 52 inch circumference, 18 inches...
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    CFL's - I'm With The Band Man!

    Hello All: One of the things I like to do for grows is affix CFL lighting to my microphone stands so as to direct light in those hard to reach places. It's a great and inexpensive way to direct lots of light where you need it most - quickly and easily too. I augment the stands with...
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    Newbie flower day eight pic - comments appreciated

    hello all: i'm a relative newbie and my girl is in the flowering stage day eight - she's been under fluorescent lighting throughout the entire grow - mix of tube and cfl - does she look ok to you? thx!
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    Indica - Unknown Origin

    Hello Everyone: Attached are a few photos that I am seeking some help with ID of sex. It appears that my baby is a female but I'd appreciate a second opinion. Notwithstanding a few haphazard attempts as a kid this is my first serious grow (under fluorescent lights exclusively). Thanks!
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    Identification - Assistance Please

    Hello Everyone: I'm a newbie and would appreciate any assistance with ID of this plant - Indica or Sativa? Thanks! PS - any comments on development would be appreciated as well.
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