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    Change from CFL to LED if I've vegged with HPS?

    Hey guys I was woundering would it be ok to change fRom hps to led even tho the plants are one 9 days into 12/12
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    When will I start seeing the flowers form after changing 12/12?

    How long does it take for signs of flowers after changing 12/12 I'm growing amnesia haze how under 250.w hps
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    Condensation in my tent sometimes - Is this normal?

    It's it normal for me to sometimes open my tent an theirs drips of watch coming from the top ???????:
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    Fan leaves please help

    Hi my 6 strawberry haze plants are already quite branchy but nodes aren't far from anotger. The fan leaves a so big their blocking everything can I them as I'm bout to change the lighting to 12/12 soon ...... ??????:
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    Help on Haze grow

    Hey guy I just upload a picture to my profile but don't no how to put it here to ask a question, can yous plz go take a look and let me know please. my question is on the pic description.. Thanks u all for your help .....:420: :thanks:
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    hi all im about to plant some autos but was just wounder how I feed them considering they flower them selfs, do I give them grow at the start or just bloom the whole time ??
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    amneisa haze grow...

    hey iv just germinated seeds an got all the proper tent this time as its my second grow, the first went amazing,, back to topic the man is the shop told me that the tent is perfect size for 5 plants but i never asked if a 250w hsp ok ???? :goodjob:
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    Amnesia Haze grow

    hey iv just germinated seeds an got all the proper tent this time as its my second grow, the first went amazing,, back to topic the man is the shop told me that the tent is perfect size for 5 plants but i never asked if a 250w hsp ok ???? :goodjob: thanks .. from ireland
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    Making bubble hash

    hey guys i compleatly forgot i had a shoe box full of sugar leaf an small buds but their all dyred out can i still use them even tho their not fresh ??
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    Don't use your real nickname as a screen name

    hi 420 people. just an update on my finshed first grow it went great but also the bad, for starters i had 3 big bud cheese 2 haze an 4 others with i got rid of cause they were hermi plsnt, the hermis i got free with my order, but anyway the cheese was a couple days ready nefor the others so cut...
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    hey guys i just starded to dry some bud yesturday an today they are feeling really soft/spongy is this correct
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    hi everyone :) just a question on topping new plants, when is the best time to start ? and any advice to give me ?
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    sexing plants

    hi guys i was woundering when is a good time to changer lighting to 12/12 just to figure out wat sex they are befor switching back to ved after taking out the males ? or what should i do ?? im not at this stage yet but rather do my homework to many mistakes last time ... :420::thanks:
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    hi growers im currently in the last stages of first grow but already started my new seeds then relized my lighting is still on 12/12, so i moved the babys into a small grow box were iv 2 fluorescent lights, but my question is would it be ok to put the babys in with the ithers for the 12...
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    Is This A Good Or Bad Idea?

    hi fellow pot head :thumb: :volcano-smiley: iv recently started to flush one of my plants but still more to do as their all a weed ahead of each other cause i didnt want to to all harvesting/trimming ect.. at one time, but any way the bud lower buds on my plant arent getting as much...
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    flushing ?

    hey guys just a question about flushing befor harvest, i know i give a much better soak inal but do i just do as that the same as when i was feeding them or do it more often ? other tips you guys may have in my last few stages are welcome, i want the best possible outcome from my first grow.
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    can I do this?

    got this form a friend an im litlery bout to start a new grow so was woundering can i still re veg the end of this plant even tho theirs already small bus ??
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    Ready For Harvest?

    hi 420 people, iv 2 sepreat questions to ask, firstly i have 4 big bud plants which i taught were just about ready to start flushing them as they have been in flowering for 8 weeks now but at least 90% of the trichomes are still milky white, should i go ahead with the flush or should i give...
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    taking clones after harvest ?

    hi all, i was woundering is it possible to take a cone wen im harvesting ?? as in when i cut the bud of the branchs could i still u use them for clones ??
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    lost time on weeks in flower please help me

    hi im after loosing my notebook of how long i had my plants in veg an flowering, but their already budding nicely but im not sure wen the 9 week flower stage is over.. so basiclly my question is how do i know when my plants are ready to harvest im only 3 or 4 weeks lost but that could mean a lot...
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