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    Help, what bug is doing this damage?

    I am growing outdoors on my balcony. My Gorilla Glue Auto is somewhat hemmed in by 2 Quadlined girls which makes it hard to get to and check her health up close. I have noticed some damage to some of the fan leaves around some flower heads. I am currently thinking of spraying or painting with a...
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    Male or female? Who can tell by looking at the early pre-flowers

    I have 4 plants, they are 8 weeks old. 1 is currently untopped, and the other 3 are Quadlined. I have taken 2 close up pics of areas around the nodes of each plant to try and determine the preflower gender. Because these structures are small and hard to capture, and I feel, that sometimes when...
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    Outdoor Organic Balcony Stealth Quadlining: White Widow/Gorgonzola

    This season in NZ, I have started off 4 plants, 2 x White Widow & 2 x White Widow/Gorgonzola. The breeding line of the seeds originally came from AMS, over the last two seasons I did some selective pollination that produced the seeds (regular) that I am using for this season's grow. For the...
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    Storing & amending organic outdoor container soil for re-use next year

    My question on storage: I have read good things about the reuse of organic living soil. My question here is, how best to store it between growing seasons? I have read postings by some who prefer to tip it all out, re-amend, and use it to fill containers for the next year, sometimes letting it...
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    New Zealand: what is best grow tent, box or cabinet to be had in NZ?

    I have never done an indoor grow, but the attraction of being able to grow all year round is really appealing. While I like growing outdoors, organic soil, natural sunshine etc, but it really restrictive to feel stuck waiting for time to pass to grow again. With an indoor setup I would prefer a...
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    New member from NZ

    Hi new member here, love the site and the incredible usefulness of all that shared experience! I have salivated over Light Addict's posts in the past and gleaned lots of really helpful advice from the many great postings of other contributors. I have started a Journal in progress of my current...
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    Outdoor Balcony Grow, AMS White Widow Xtrm & Gorgonzola, Supersoil, Fluxing, 2019

    Greetings All, For this grow journal, my 2 plants are White Widow Xtrm & Gorgonzola from Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds, using an outdoor balcony grow space that gets good breeze and direct afternoon sunshine from about 1pm. I am using homemade Supersoil and drilled holes in the pots to promote 'air...
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