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  1. Dusted

    Seedsman Comparision Grow: CPK & Dr. Seedsman

    I just flipped last week. This is when things get crazy.
  2. IMG_1439.jpeg


    Seedsman grow Day 5 post flip
  3. Dusted

    Happy Valentines Day BUDdy: An Awesome Vault Promo!

    I didn’t do a thing on Valentine’s day, but I do like Blueberry.
  4. Dusted

    Seedsman Critical Purple Kush & Doctor Seedsman CBD

    Flip day 3 Everything is going well. The large plant grew 6" in the last six days. Hopefully I won't have to super crop it. I will have to start tying up the side branches before I can't get to the middle of the grow area. The Dr. Seedsman plant has a purple cast to the leaves, which I usually...
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    CPK Flip day 3
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    CPK Flip day 3
  7. IMG_1424.jpeg


    CPK Flip day 3
  8. IMG_1426.jpeg


    CPK Flip day 3
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  10. IMG_1432.jpeg


    Seedsman grow Flip day 3
  11. Dusted

    PH dropping daily

    Chris. Do you add bacterial and fungal spores, such as Great White?
  12. Dusted

    PH dropping daily

    I had the same problem with GH Flora series, so I switched brands. GH uses ammonium salts in their N formulation which causes this. Change the nutrients when the pH gets below 5.5. And you will be fine.
  13. Dusted

    First Time Auto, First Time DWC, Northern Lights

    Pre-flowers. It’s ready to flip when they do that unless you want it larger first
  14. Dusted

    Seedsman Critical Purple Kush & Doctor Seedsman CBD

    Day 39 The larger plants are starting to show the beginning of pre-flowering, so it's almost time to flip. I want to give them a few more days to bulk up and let the CBD catch up a bit more. Wednesday will be six weeks vegetative, which is about average. The tallest plant is 13" with 10 or 11...
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    CPK Day 39
  16. IMG_1416.jpeg


    CPK Day 39
  17. IMG_1421.jpeg


    CPK Day 39
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    Seedsman grow Day 39
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    CPK Day 39
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    CPK Day 39
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