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  1. mysticialhaze

    Help please! Feminizing seeds with colloidal silver - Don't think it's working

    I think I posted this in the correct spot if not i sincerely apologize Help please! trying to feminize seeds with colloidal silver. I don't think it is working I do know what to do should i start over or continue to spray. i have been spraying the Plant everyday for almost a month. it...
  2. mysticialhaze

    Mystical Haze's - Soil - Unknown Strain - Grow Journal - 2016

    What strain is it? stain is unknown. i named the seeds in alphabetical order as they came up. d and e were both male and i killed them about a year ago. all mother plants have been vegging for over a year and all clones vegged for at-least 2 months. all are hybrid A plant is part...
  3. mysticialhaze

    Sick pics

    hi, i am new here hope i am doing this correct since this is my first time.. I have never shown anyone mt grow room before "i am completely legal just for security purposes" so this is a little bit scary for me. I could really use some feedback from experienced growers. thanks these...
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